Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 17


Jodi Arias finally took the stand and spoke to the jury. All the questions about what she was going to say were answered– although late since court starting late, it was answered.

Tears? Oh no.

Sorrow for what she did? Who are we kidding?

Apology for killing Travis? We’re not at a comedy show guys, come on. Get real.


The whole 19 minutes of her testimony was all about her and what she was going to miss out on. How she would never be a mother, she missed the birth of her nieces, how holidays won’t be the same for her family, she didn’t attend her brother’s wedding, or how she won’t be able to be the photographer at her sister’s wedding.



What about everything Travis missed or will miss!?

Jodi was emotionless the whole time, she gave us sniffle after sniffle– that’s all. It was as if we were all back in high-school and Jodi was up to give her PowerPoint presentation to the class. Jodi’s plea for life was filled with pictures, as Travis’ family rolled their eyes and shook their heads and as her own family looked on as emotionless as Jodi. Perhaps, it’s a genetic gene that Jodi got.


As for her mitigating factors? Well if she’s given a life-sentence she will continue donating her hair. Secondly, how many women in jail are illiterate and she will teach them to read, write and even teach them sign language. Why didn’t she do that before you ask? Simple. Jodi was caught up in her case and didn’t have time.

Next, Jodi stated she wanted to start a recycling program, also start a book club to bring something positive to the other women in prison.

As move along, Jodi’s a gifted artist and she showed off her paintings. How’s that a mitigating factor? Who knows.


Oh, and I almost forgot! Jodi pulled out a shirt she created to support ‘other’ women of domestic violence. Jodi said those proceeds would go to victims, but that was lie on top of an insult to REAL women of domestic violence. On Jodi’s website of innocence only a portion, yes PORTION, of proceeds will go to victims of domestic violence.

Are we really all that shocked? We all know she’s a liar so lift your chin back up.

Once the jury deliberated for an hour and 23 minutes they went home. We also found out that the judge lifted the ruling of Jodi not being able to speak to any media outlets. Jodi is preparing to speak to several media outlets and even requested to be given makeup, which she got!

Court continues tomorrow afternoon.

**Bobby and Jodi**


**Matthew McCartney and Jodi**


**Brewer and Jodi**













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  • Reply
    Tracy Hill
    Aug 9, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    I think Jodi Arias is a very sick person that live’s in her head. She only care about herself. She will never know what real love is. He doesn’t know how to love or what it feel like to be love. She will never get it. And that really sad.

    • Reply
      Aug 9, 2016 at 6:34 pm

      It really is–

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