Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 7


Juan Martinez (prosecution) opens up with a picture of Jodi and her “dumb” sister. Juan Martinez asks Jodi if that is indeed a picture of her and her “dumb” sister. Jodi states her sister isn’t dumb, Juan says that’s not what you said yesterday in the phone conversation with Travis. Jodi says yes I called her “dumb and stupid.” Umm that’s not what he asked and Juan states that exactly. Not sure what that was all about, but that’s what was talked about.

Then Juan speaks about a day on August 2007 when Jodi saw Travis making out with another woman. Jodi rambles on– well at least tries. Instead of answering a simple yes or no. Juan does a great job in interrupting her or asking her for a simple yes or no. Jodi doesn’t remember a lot of what happened that day either. Juan asks, ‘ma’am is there something wrong with your memory? You can remember sex acts you had with Travis or what coffee you drank, but you can’t remember this?’ He asks what factors influence your memory? Jodi responds, ‘someone yelling at me like you are doing. The tone, content scrambles up my brain.’

Juan later presents another photo of Jodi and her “dumb” sister which was taken sometime in January 2007 where you can clearly see her left hand including the left “broken” ring finger– no bent finger. Jodi claims it is bent in the picture. Right, maybe to a lying psycho-path.


Next Jodi’s journal is placed into evidence. Especially during this there are tons of sidebars made by none other than the defense team. These interruptions are annoying and I’m sure it’s even more annoying to the jury. Could this be a smart or bad move on part of the defense by trying to get Martinez off his flow or will it backfire and make the jury dislike them?

The journal dates he refers to is January 20th which was her last entry and then her next journal entry on January 24, 2008 which she notes that she hasn’t written in her journal in 4 days because there’s been nothing “noteworthy” to report. Yet Jodi claims that on January 21st 2008 is the day she walked in on Travis looking at naked little boys and on January 22nd 2008 they got into an altercation where he kicked her and broke her left ring finger. It was said on earlier testimony that she never got any medical treatment for it and Travis just put tape and bandages all on it. Martinez asks are those two events nothing noteworthy? Jodi tries to get around it and says yes, but not for my journal.


An observation I saw is that her handwriting is NEAT. It’s been said that Jodi is a lefty so with a broken finger she’s still able to write legible and neat– interesting. Jodi states she was able to write in her journal neatly because she lifted her left ring finger to not get it in the way or something to that effect.

Next Martinez mentions in her journal that she didn’t make Lonny’s baptism because that day both her and Travis had another sexcapade where tootsie pops and pop rocks were involved. Jodi missing the baptism is noted in her journal. Martinez tries to make sure they are the same page where both incidents were mentioned in her diary. Martinez asks the baptism and tootsie pops are from that date, right? Jodi being a smart-ass and with a smirk says, “no there were no tootsie pops or pop rocks and the baptism.”



Martinez says that nowhere in that journal does it say she didn’t enjoy the tootsie pop/pop rock candy sex act. Jodi states she didn’t enjoy it. Well why wouldn’t she mention that in her journal? I guess her journal wasn’t good enough to get her feelings of her not liking it. Jodi did however explain that they used their “fruitful imagination.” Jodi states that doesn’t mean it was an enjoying experience. The journal ends with “I really love Travis, I do” something to that effect.

Then something we saw for the first time when Jodi is reading her journal entries when Martinez refers to it she takes off her glasses completely! But she was reading it before with the glasses on and now all of a sudden they come off? Wonder if Martinez will ask her why she’s wearing glasses now? There’s absolutely no pictures of her ever in glasses.

Jose Martinez mentions the pigtails that she said were “hot” and wants Jodi to confirm that she said that, however Jodi says “I think cute would be the more appropriate word.” Martinez states that she didn’t say “cute” in the taped conversation between herself and Travis that was played the day before– she used the word hot. Jodi doesn’t recall. No problem, Martinez plays the tape and she says that okay she used the word “hot.”


Now forward to the day Jodi had supposedly walked in on Travis masturbating to pictures of little boys. Jodi remembers nothing about that day whether or not she spoke to Travis on the phone, what time she went in to work or left work. Martinez puts into evidence text messages between the two on that day until the next day (January 21st-January 22nd 2008). All that’s discussed in the text messages is picking up the car, who was picking her up from work, a Mormon church occasion that Travis might have gone to and then a message from Jodi asking Travis if he could talk. The messages are all on that day he claims he walked in on him. It clearly shows she didn’t see him on that day because he’s busy and she hasn’t gone to pick up the car. Was Jodi just caught in yet another lie? Oh I think so!

All day cross-examination was quite eventful I even chuckled a bit when Martinez made Jodi look dumb. But it got even more interesting when Martinez puts into evidence two magazines; Digital Photo Pro magazine and Star magazine. At first I thought maybe he’s showing photos of her work in the magazine, but then we see words/sentences that she had written in the Digital Photo Pro magazine– oh my jeez!!!! Of course the defense objects and objects back to back, but that doesn’t work it’s put into evidence.

The defense already knowing what would be put into evidence takes their time in looking through the magazine page by page. And what you see miraculously is Kirk (defense) looking at the magazine with his glasses sitting on his chin and then taking them off completely. Don’t think I ever saw him do that before when looking through other evidence. What I think is that he knows people on Twitter and other social media outlets are talking about how and why Jodi took off her glasses before. So to make it seem “normal” and no biggie he does the same so that it doesn’t appear fishy to the jury or viewers. Are they both near-sighted? Um no. If that were the case then they would’ve done that from the beginning which they never did.

Martinez goes on and has Jodi read what’s on each page:
-Page 6 “Mark Stanoch” (ABC producer)
-Page 20 “You testify”
-Page 37 “We can fix this”
-Page 40 “Directly contradicts what I’ve been saying over a year”
-Page 43 “You fucked up what you told me attorney the next day”
-Page 54 “Interview was EXCELLENT must talk ASAP
-Page 56 “Get down here ASAP and see me before you talk to them again and before”

Makes some sense just like that, but then Jodi reads some numbers she wrote in Star Magazine: 43,40,56,20,37,54. Now go back and read the page numbers according to the numbers in Star magazine. What Martinez is trying to show is that Jodi was trying to tamper with evidence by coursing what a witness was going to say. If this is true this is a huge bonus point for the prosecution. I believe Jodi was sending the magazines to an ex-boyfriend and now friend Matthew MaCartney since she knew he was going to interview with the prosecution.

Court closes with Jodi revealing that on the day before Travis’ murder on June 4th 2008 she stopped by Matthew MaCartney’s home and spent the night. Jodi makes sure that she clarifies she didn’t spend the night in a sexual way she just slept over and slept on the couch. This is something no one knew. Jodi has rambled on about years of cheating boyfriends, her thoughts and feelings even up to the day of the murder, but there was never any mention that she made a stop to Matthew MaCartney’s home. Interesting. A cliff hanger indeed.

Jodi did well in keeping her composure during cross-examination. She was overly confident which does not help her at all. Confidence is good but only to a certain extent. Jodi also had such a smug look on her face and constantly smirked when Juan asked her questions. Even laughed at one point. Don’t believe me? Why? Because who’d be that dumb to do that? Jodi was. And here is the proof…


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