Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 6


Finally after days of hearing Jodi Arias talk about how “hard” her life was and how many men she went through we get to the day of the murder, June 4, 2008.

Jodi states that the day of the murder her and Alexander had sex and she doesn’t remember, but one of them put the sheets in the washer. Also they had both taken provocative photos of each other and he had tied her up in rope. The photos were all taken on Travis new camera. After all that he took a shower and she tried out his camera again at his request– of course Jodi complied.

As Jodi took photo after photo she mistakenly dropped his new camera on the bathroom floor. According to Jodi he flipped out and it was nothing like she’s seen before, he continued to call her a stupid idiot and said “a 5-year-old could hold the camera better than you.”

Now with Travis soaking wet in the shower he gets out, lifts her and body slams her to the floor (ouch). Jodi gets up and runs– not in the direction towards the stairs and out the door, but in the other direction into the closet.

Jodi while running through the spacious closet remembers Travis has a gun and gets up on a stool to get it. Jodi goes through the other door back into the bathroom and long and behold Travis is there. Jodi points the gun at him thinking he would stay back, but he didn’t instead he charged at her like a linebacker and grabbed on to her hips. She states she didn’t mean for the gun to go off nor did she know her finger was on the trigger.

During Nancy Grace’s show on HLN she had a doctor speak about the gunshot wound. Jodi states that she shot Travis first to scare him then he lunged at her and grabbed on to her hips, that’s when the gun went off.
If that was true it would leave a stippling aka gun powder around the wound and on her. Is there any of that? Nope. Also there was little hemorrhage meaning little blood that had filled up his brain. This can’t be right if he was hot first, right? Right!

The importance of whether or not the gunshot was first or was it the stab wounds determines what she was charged with (the death penalty). Was it cruel and unusual? This is why the defense is fighting for everyone to believe that the gunshot was first.

How would you react if you had a gun pointed at you? I for one would not approach the person I’d hide, run away or defuse the situation. Not Travis though! Apparently he had a Superhero cape on and had major cojones that he felt the need to lunge at her and fight back.

Okay so that’s how Travis was shot– according to Jodi’s world. Now as for the 29 stab wounds– how did that happen? Simple. She doesn’t remember! How convenient isn’t it? Talk about selective memory.


All Jodi remembers about the knife is that it was on his night stand from when he cut the ropes off of her during their sex-bondage act. Her selective memory is going to bite her in the butt without a doubt. Many may argue that during those type of “fight or flight” modes it is plausible to “black out,” but for someone with such great memory like Jodi has demonstrated during her other testimonies? No way!

After butchering Travis, Jodi left and drove to the desert where she coincidentally disposed of the gun. As for the knife? Jodi believes that she put the knife in the dishwasher, but her memories of that particular memory are all jumbled together in her mind therefore she doesn’t remember if it was from that day– conveniently. What happened to the rope she was tied by? Nowhere to be found. No murder weapons have ever been retrieved– conveniently.

Also what’s up with all the lying asks the defense? Well she lied because she didn’t want anyone to think she could do such a thing. On top of that Jodi speaks again about wanting to commit suicide during that time. And since she was going to kill herself she destroyed the Spider-Man underwear he had given her, since he had a thing for little boys, because she didn’t want his “dirty little secrets” to ever come out and ruin his reputation. How sweet (side-eye).

Then it was asked why she had gone to Travis’ funeral on June 14th 2008 well again a simple answer. They had a previous conversation that if one of them died the other would attend their funeral and read the eulogy. Well at least she kept her end of the deal–

All I see are crocodile tears, my 5-year-old niece could do a better job in making herself look like a believable and remorseful person more than Jodi can. Sure Jodi sheds a tear or two, but no red eyes, no flooding of tears or a runny nose. Come on Jodi you killed a man you loved and he was attacking you– not going to get water works? And supposedly you still love him as you stated in court today, but it’s a different kind of love. Hmm, I guess that explains the lack of tears. Question answered.

And today– yes today (2/21/13) it’s cross-examination! Can’t wait for the prosecution to make her pee in her pants. Just hope that he doesn’t go completely Rambo on Jodi because that might not be too pleasing to the jury, but sure as hell will be pure entertainment to us.

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