About Me

thatsbetsyv mom blogger

I’m a proud NYC mom navigating the wild and wonderful world of parenthood with my spouse and two amazing kids. Our journey is a rollercoaster of laughter, love, and the occasional chaotic moment that defines family life. I’ve traded in skyscrapers for mom life, and my days are filled with the hustle of city living and the joy of watching my little ones grow.

In between school drop-offs and bedtime stories, I’ve found my passion in documenting our everyday adventures on YouTube. Join me as I share the highs and lows of motherhood – the messy kitchen experiments, the heartwarming milestones, and the hilariously real moments that remind us we’re all in this together. Let’s keep it relatable, have some fun, and embrace the honest, imperfect beauty of family life in the city that never sleeps!

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