Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 5


Oh what a day in court it was for Jodi Arias! As many of you have heard last week there was no court on Thursday (2/7/13) because both the prosecution and defense were in a dispute with the judge about whether or not to put into evidence that Travis may have liked little boys. Of course they have no physical evidence just Jodi’s word. Defense stated that prosecution had months to dispute such evidence and had they known they were going to dispute it they probably wouldn’t have had Jodi take the stand. Hmmm, so this is the angle the defense is taking to try to win?

On Monday, Jodi spoke about the time she saw Travis jerk off to pictures of little boy. It started when Jodi dropped by his house to give his roommate left over chicken from her job at P.F. Changs. FYI, Jodi states she knew Travis wouldn’t be there because she knew his schedule. Apparently, Travis’ roommate loved that certain chicken so she thought of him.

While dropping the chicken off Travis walks in through the door with another woman. Jodi having felt embarrassed ran out and drove away. All of a sudden she sees some car behind her in a rush so she pulled over. Then long and behold its Travis who feels bad and is apologizing. Miraculously, somehow he has some type of object in his car he gives Jodi that was his grandmothers and she leaves it behind. Jodi stated she felt bad and had to go back and get it because Travis had a way of always making her feel bad. So Jodi drives back to his house and just walks in–like she always does, goes to his room and walks in on Travis pleasuring himself to pictures of little boys.

How is this relevant once again? I’m truly baffled. It’s as if Jodi’s own defense team is helping the prosecution in putting her away. The only thing I see the defense is trying to do is show that Travis wasn’t the innocent faithful mormon he portrayed to be to his family and Mormon family.

Regardless, what does this have to do with him being an abuser? And where is the evidence of such a sickening act? Police have searched the home and computer and have found no such evidence to back up Jodi’s claims.

Jodi then reveals the time Travis body slammed her and during the altercation how he “broke” her finger. Jodi showed that she still has a messed up finger and shows the court room…


Oh look Jodi my dog broke my finger!


Come on! Jodi just keeps coming up with more stories than the little boy who cried wolf.


Then today was the infamous sex-tape call being played in court. It was what we all have heard about for weeks and have anticipated. Don’t ask me why and I’m sure no one still knows why Jodi recorded this conversation on May 10, 2008 (three weeks before his murder), but she did.

At first I thought maybe the whole time she planned on killing Travis and started building her case. Then why would she come up with she wasn’t there when he died and then come up with the burglar story? Too many what if’s to wrap my head around. Of course now Jodi states that Travis wanted her to record the conversation. So if he wanted you to record the conversation where is the introduction to “okay I’m recording now,” or something along the lines of that?

“I’m going to tie you to a tree and put it in your a**,” Alexander can be heard saying.

“Oh my gosh, that is so debasing, I like it,” Arias responded.

Jodi states that Travis made her feel like a “Goddess” after a night together in the bathtub. So, Jodi, he didn’t make feel like a whorish prostitute? Interesting.

“We are just horny toads,” Jodi states. We are just horny toads, not you are an abusive horny toad, right? Right.

“I just want to tie your arms around a tree, blindfold you and put a camera on a timer while I am f**king you,” Travis states. Jodi responds, “Oh my gosh you are full of ideas.” We– well many of us are very sexually charged and this is merely just a fantasy. How is this effective for the defense?

Then Travis says something on the lines of Jodi speaking like a 12-year-old girl and is hot. Okay, not something I would ever like to hear because I take child abuse seriously, but regardless if he ha a pedophilia kind of streak to him that doesn’t make him and aggressive abuser.


You hear them sing together, speak about many things including some guy Abe in which Travis states is “soul less.”

Jodi talks about how she introduced Travis to KY jelly and how she is stroking him. Travis states since Jodi has left he has jerked off 2-3 times a day. Eventually after back and forth of them telling each other what they’d do to one another they orgasmed.

Throughout the whole 45 minute phone call it clearly shows that not only did they both consent in the driest phone sex episode ever, but that she initiated the sex talk, he sounded bored and you heard how she would change her voice purposely to sound like a 12-year-old girl. None of what Travis said pointed to the direction of him being an abuser.

Now here’s the kicker, Jodi gets on the stand after the tape and claims she played along with him because otherwise he would’ve got angry. What a save! I’m sorry, but that’s BULL! If I wasn’t comfortable with what a guy was saying I would stop it right there, in which I have in the past. Then again she had low self-esteem and was so in love with Travis she didn’t want to mess up what they had, right defense? A lost and hopeless puppy, poor Jodi! Hopefully, the jury doesn’t fall for that crap.


Now on to Abe Abdelhadi who has been mentioned before in court as to having dated Jodi, he spoke on Dr. Drew On Call tonight and stated what we all heard on that sex tape today is who Jodi is, the “Quaker oat Mother Theresa” act is not her and it’s not working. Wow! Now that’s deep. This is someone who knew her and is stating that she’s basically a fake.

Abe further states that he’s surprised that Travis didn’t catch onto when Jodi said that Abe deleted her off MySpace and Facebook, wonder why Abe was deleting her? He believed whatever she said and didn’t think beyond what she told him.

It just keeps getting juicier and juicer. Now the suspense is building as to when we will hear the prosecution cross-examine Jodi and perhaps bring in new witnesses during rebuttal.

Stay tuned.

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