Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 2



“If I hurt Travis I would beg for the death penalty…”

These words came out of Jodi Arias mouth. Now what I want to know is the state is looking for the death penalty after Jodi has admitted to killing Travis and she’s trying to fight it! The people are trying to give you what you want Jodi, what’s the problem?

On Monday we are shown the interrogation between Jodi Arias and the detective after Travis’ murder. We see how great of a liar she is– denying having been there and having nothing to do with it. And if she wasn’t in prison waiting for her death I could see a good acting career for her. Jodi stated that she did go to Arizona that day by mistake when she was driving, but turned around. The detective hits her with you’re lying and says that they tried to get signal from her phone from that day June 4th 2008, but her phone was off. Then the detective tells her there are photos of her at Travis’ house naked. Jodi asks him if he’s sure it was her and if it’s from that day. The detective states it is. Yet, with all this evidence the on at her she continued to deny any involvement.

Then he tells her about the her bloody left hand print and her hair being there. Again, Jodi denies any involvement. Jodi says she lived there so of course her hand prints and hair would be all over. Which is of course true, but it’s all fresh blood and a fresh hair follicle and like Jodi said the last time he was in his home was April.

Detective asks Jodi if she wants to see pictures of Travis. Jodi says “a part of me does and a part of me doesn’t, its morbid curiosity I want to know how he died.” I think we all have the morbid curiosity, but I’m sure she wanted to see them to see what she had done and refute whatever evidence she saw in them. Thankfully, she was never shown those pictures then.

The jury was also shown the pictures that were retrieved from the memory card off the camera, which had been deleted from the camera, but not from the memory card.

These photos were taken hours before Travis’ death. They seem to be seemingly mutual nude photos taken by one another…




The defense is trying to portray that Travis was an abuser who only used Jodi for sex. They want to further destroy his reputation by saying he was a sexual defiant– that he liked Jodi in pigtails and liked that her voice sounded very young, basically insinuating that he fantasized about being with young girls.

Now these photos below are ones of Travis after having a little sexcapade and then there’s photos of Travis in the shower. The first one is a brighter photo than the second photo that follows. Prosecution stated that the photos with little light (flash) were probably taken by mistake.



This photo had to definitely be taken by mistake…


Now in this photo prosecution states that it’s Jodi’s leg and on the left that blue string is part Jodi’s pants.


Next, lets not forget that the end of last week Ryan Burns (Jodi’s other lover) testified that the day after Arias killed Alexander, he had a date with Arias– her hair was dyed brown, she had a long sleeve shirt on when it was hot and had bandages on her fingers, which she stated were from her job at Margaritaville. FYI, she never worked there. Burns stated that they didn’t have sexual relations that night, but she was aggressive with him– she laid on top of him and began kissing him. Jodi’s demeanor was without any concern in the world not that of an abused woman. I think her conduct after the murder and how she had cuts on her hands is crucial in how the jury will see her, then again Casey Anthony was photo’d out clubbing knowing her daughter was missing and that jury found her not guilty.

By now I’m sure you’ve also heard many comparisons to Casey Anthony. I ways said she reminded me of Scott Peterson. The reason for the comparison from all three is that they lie about anything and everything and believe their lies. They lied about relationships, what really happened the day of their incidents and even down to where they worked. None of these three people have any remorse for what they did.

In court we also had a Verizon representative take the stand about phone calls made to Travis’ phone. On June 4, 2012 at around 11 PM it shows that Jodi called Travis’ phone and was the phone call for 16 minutes. Okay, which is fine, yet knowing you killed him why are you calling him and leaving a voice message? Defense asked the judge that they would like to get a record of phone calls Travis made to Jodi to hopefully prove that it wasn’t only Jodi who was constantly calling/texting him, but it was the other way around.

Another piece of evidence is that Jodi rented a car 90 miles from her home with another person. No one has made any reference as to who the individual may have been. During Jodi’s 2,843 mile trip she made all these pit stops such as getting gas numerous of times, getting Starbucks, getting food and such. All those receipts were found in her home, but no receipts were found when she made pit stops in Meza, Arizona (Travis’ hometown) or when she went to go see Burns in Utah. Was she possibly setting up her alibi? Most definitely.

I was curious as to what Travis decomposed body looked lile and i found them. I warn you if you do not have the stomach to see Travis’ dead body do NOT click on the link.
Here are the crime scene photos from Best Gore. These photos are very gruesome and show exactly what they speak about when they say Travis’ was cut from ear to ear.

There are more photos on that site then I had put before on my last blog post “Femme Fatale Jodi Arias”.

To watch live the trial live make sure to time into TruTV and then HLN where thy break down everything that happened on court.

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