Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 8


Day 10 of Jodi Arias being on the stand– today was kind of boring. I was still determined to rush home and watch the trial.

It started off with what Jodi did after she killed Travis, or better said who she met with after the killing. Jodi states it was Ryan Burns. It got sort of confusing when she said she hadn’t planned on visiting him at all it was more of an afterthought. This is where it gets a bit interesting– Martinez asks, “so he was an alibi?” Jodi says, “ye-no he was not an alibi.” A Freudian slip? Perhaps, but Martinez leaves that “slip” at that. Martinez then asks if going to Travis’ was a planned trip, Jodi responds “no.” So who was she going to see? No way she left two days early to make a pre-paid legal event.

We get into what happened between both her and Ryan. Jodi states she never grinded on Ryan burns. Martinez states, “so you had your legs around him?” “No. I got off of him because I fell asleep on him… I never grinded on that guy.” Well someone is a bit bitter over someone testifying against her! Jodi further states they didn’t passionately kiss, they just kissed. Jodi claims Ryan is “full of crap.” Really? Why is Ryan full of crap? Does he have his life on the line that no one knows about? What we do know is that Ryan Burns is not a liar or a killer, something you’re both guilty of Ms. Jodi!


Then we get into again why Jodi felt the need to lie. We all think she’s finally going to confess and say it was because she was obsessed with him and no one else could have him! But that doesn’t happen. Jodi states she was ashamed of what she had done and didn’t want to be humiliated. Every answer was “me, me, me.” Where is the part that you didn’t want the “truth” about him to come out? This is what you’re trying to claim isn’t it Jodi? I’m sure during rebuttal the defense team will make this clear.

Something diabolical and psychotic this woman does is send Travis’ grandmother, Norma Sarvy, 20 Iris’ and an 18 page note sending her condolences knowing she had killed him. How cynical does one have to be to do this!? Martinez plays the 48 Hours interview where she states the reason she sent Iris’ was because her and Travis had spoken about names for their children and one happened to be Iris. On top of that I question why it was 20 iris’ why not a dozen, two dozen or three dozen. Another symbolism?


Later on Martinez going all over the place mentions the time she cut herself in jail where it hurt. Jodi corrects Martinez and says it was a “nick.” Okay a nick, “you nicked yourself and it stung.” Yes. This is such a great jab to Jodi (no pun intended), “can you imagine how much it must’ve hurt Travis when you stuck that knife in his chest?” OBJECTION! Haha, too late the jury already heard it. Hopefully, this stews in their minds a lot a bit.

Again moving along and all around, the infamous Jodi Arias journal is questioned again regarding an incident when Travis supposedly slapped her on February 29, 2008. On this very day Jodi writes in her journal and there is absolutely nothing regarding such an incident. Jodi says he had already apologized after it which is why it wasn’t written in the journal and its described by the “3 tender kisses.” Not even through text messages was this bought up by either her or Travis which Martinez shows us. Jodi calls him baby, asks to borrow his BMW and when Travis says of course she could borrow it she ends the conversation with, “Thank you baby, you’re the best.” Well why would she be so sweet and act as if nothing happened? Easy– she wanted him to feel good.

And lastly what was of some interest was her smiling mugshot.

Jodi during that 48 Hours interview states that she smiled because she was thinking of what Travis would do, which is smile. It’d also be all over the interment so “why not!?” Someone is excited about being the center of the media world.

Lets see what tomorrow brings and hope I don’t doze off.

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