Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 13


So it’s been a while since I’ve written on the Jodi Arias case, but for two good reasons; been busy and no one cares what the defense has to say. Sure I’m bias just a bit though, haha.

For the past couple weeks defense has questioned Alyce LaViolette who is a psychotherapist to add her two cents claiming that Jodi was in fact a battered woman. After LaViolette informs us of her dull history with domestic violence and how she agrees that Jodi was battered, defense rested and it was time for prosecutor Martinez to step into the ring and get his shots in. But before Martinez can we find out juror #5 has been booted off the jury, no one knows why yet.


Last week Martines bought into his cross-examination when LaViolette gave a presentation in 2012 that found Snow White was a battered woman. Snow White? I don’t know either! “What this shows us is that even if it’s a myth, all made up, you can come up with the opinion that the person is a victim of domestic violence,” Martinez said. Basically!


Martinez was very aggressive in the beginning of his first day questioning towards LaViolette who at first appeared to be a very likable witness, but once Martinez had his turn she turns out to be annoying and snippy just like Jodi. LaViolette talks back with statements like, “If you were in my group I’d have you take a time out.” Or when Monday she asked, “Are you mad at me?” Where after that statement people in the courtroom laughed-out-loud. Who says that? It’s best to be a likable witness not un-likable. LaViolette has also smirked during a few of her statements, she can never give a yes or no answer, stares Martinez down like she’s imagining strangling him and when she doesn’t know how to answer a question she looks to the defense where the defense will give LaViolette very small yet visible cues like a head nod.

During today’s court the jury was asked to step out for a few after Martinez asked Violette if she took into consideration what Jodi’s father said that she is not truthful– objection! Objection from the defense of course. Since last week HLN has provided us never before seen footage of both of Jodi’s parents talking to detective Flores back in July 2008. During those interviews Jodi’s mom, Sandy, is in tears and stated that she asked Jodi if she had anything to do with Travis’ death and she said no. Sandy also mentions “Jodi has mental problems.” Wow! Mother knows best huh? Jodi’s father, William Arias, calmly states, “she was a strange person after she left the house, she was kind of acting a little strange… she’s never been honest with us since she was 14… Sometimes she’d call real sweet, and 10 minutes later, she’d call in a rage, you know, just screaming at my wife. She did that over the last year and a half.” Then something he says which is just a HUGE jaw-dropping statement is, “you know a gun went missing at my mother-in-laws home.” What!? Why would that pop up in your head? It’s clear that he knows his daughter may be capable of such a crime. For more on what they said check out ABC 15.


Parents know their children more than anyone else– friends, other family members, psychologist, police and so on– not so much. This is exactly the point Martinez is trying to get to. During the brief break when the jury was asked to step out it was finally decided by the Judge that it would be shown and discussed. The prosecution wants to present this to the jury because LaViolette has made her findings of Jodi being a battered woman just from Jodi’s diary, not from speaking to friends and family ann not even from simply watching the interrogation tapes. Therefore, LaViolette’s findings that Jodi is a battered woman should be found as inaccurate. The findings are solely based off a diary and we all know Jodi is a liar and manipulator. LaViolette has ignored information that may help the victim and has just concentrating on making sure Jodi is found to be a “battered” woman. Who’s bias now?


Then we talk about Jodi’s orgasms and the recorded tape between Travis and Jodi. Martinez asks LaViolette if she’s in an expert in orgasms in where she responds “no.” So then how can she state Jodi didn’t enjoy sex with Travis? You clearly hear Jodi having an orgasm. If you’ve had an orgasm you’re basically an expert, right? Jodi rolls her eyes and says out loud “sustained” regarding what Martinez says. The devil speaks!

And if you’re wondering how much money it’s costing Arizona taxpayers no need to wonder anymore! So far her case has come out to be more than $1.4 million and that doesn’t even include the prosecutions slice of the pie. Ridiculous! I don’t even want to speak on that subject because we all know Jodi will file bankruptcy like her pal Casey Anthony is trying to do now.

For those not familiar with the case from the beginning read my other posts or just wait for the Lifetime movie! Yup, it’s happening.
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