Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias Part 15

It’s just about half way done ladies and gents! Jodi entered the court room looking so sure she was getting nothing more than manslaughter. Confident as ever she sat down–


Then the verdict was given, GUILTY of 1st degree–


Travis’ family was very emotional, while Jodi’s family and friends looked on emotionless.

It’s still undecided whether it will be life in person or if Jodi will get the death penalty. We all want the worse to happen, but that’s not up to us.

Tomorrow is the sentencing stage (aggravation phase) where the jury will decide if Travis’ crime was cruel and heinous–this will be based off more evidence from both the state and prosecution. If they all agree it wasn’t a cruel and heinous death than Jodi will be sentenced to life in prison. Now if they decide that it was a cruel crime then the case moves to the mitigation phase.

In the mitigation phase the defense gets to bring character witnesses in favor of Jodi including friends, family and even mental health experts.

Minutes after Jodi heard her faith and her chin quivered in shock she spoke to one news reporter against her attorneys wishes. Jodi stated, “I said years ago I’d rather get death than life and that still is true today. I believe death is the ultimate freedom, so I’d rather just have my freedom as soon as I can get it.” Okay, if she’s asking to get death do we really need to go through all these phases? It’s a waste of time for people who want to move on with their lives and tax-payers money.

Then Jodi stabs Travis’ family and friends by saying, “I hope they remember Travis the way they want to.” Basically not the way she “really” knew him– perverted, abusive man. Unbelievable!

I believe Jodi’s asking for death because shes playing the reverse psychology card. If she really wanted to die we wouldn’t have had a trial drag on for all these months. Shortly after that interview she was put on suicide watch. I see Jodi killing herself, but as narcissistic as she is why would she?

And Travis’ siblings will be filing a civil wrongful death suit against Jodi. This is in order to prevent Jodi from making money by selling her story, paintings and so on. Hopefully, if the Arizona Son of Sam law applies she won’t make a dime and if she does the money would go to Travis’ family.


Just in 2:41PM (5/9/13) according to ABC15:
2 arrested in Arias bomb threat

Two people have been arrested Thursday in connection with a tweet sent Wednesday about an IED in the Arias courtroom.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man and a woman around 11 a.m. at a hotel near 43rd Avenue and McDowell Road.

They are suspected of being behind a threat of an explosive device in the Jodi Arias courtroom. No device was found anywhere near the courthouse.

MCSO was made aware of the situation by ABC15 after staff noticed the tweet.

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