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Walt Disney Wednesday (Typhoon Lagoon & Epcot)

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Day 02 At Typhoon Lagoon & Epcot

When we woke up on Day 02 we were anxious to actually swim. We’re in Disney and we just want to swim? I guess with the long winter we had in NYC, we went crazy. We left NYC when it was in the 40’s; When we landed in Orlando it was in the high 80’s. You can imagine our pain. Unfortunately when we were eating our breakfast our weather app was calling for a ‘mid morning t-storm’ and we were only planning to stick around Typhoon Lagoon for a few hours. My boyfriend had faith it wouldn’t be a terrible morning. You would have thought we were doomed from the start because my boyfriend put us on the wrong bus! As we were coming out of the resort “our bus” was in the gate ready to leave and amidst the shuffle we neglected to see that the bus we got on only runs to Typhoon Lagoon after 2 PM. So we took a bus tour back and forth from Animal Kingdom to the Art Of Animation Resort. Our bus driver Kip was a really nice guy. He even went into his locker at a red light and gave Ziana a little ruby ring. Once we finally got to Typhoon Lagoon one of the first things we noticed was there were no photographers here to utilize the memory makers package. This will be why we have no photos from Typhoon Lagoon. There wasn’t anything really extravagant about this park. Lucky for us it wasn’t busy, but it was more of a relaxing water park apposed to having tons of water rides, wave pools, lines, etc… After walking around and taking a long ride on the lazy river we jumped in line for the shark reef. A cool (the water was frigid) experience to swim with sharks and various other fish. Since the park wasn’t very busy they only had one side of the pool open. From here we wandered some more and made our way to the kiddie section. I would have expected the kids section to have a little more to it, but it was very minimal to say the least. Since the weather wasn’t overly great we just decided to pack up and go back to the hotel 2hrs earlier so we can get ready for Epcot at night.

Without going too deep into Epcot, I’m only going to cover what WE covered that day. Once we got to Epcot it was right into our Fast Passes. And our first experience would be in ‘Sea’ with Finding Nemo and Friends. Here we went on a train style ride through an animatronic Finding Nemo Story. The coolest part about this ride was how they incorporated the some of the animations into the actual aquarium that the Seas area is based around. When the ride finished we stuck around to check out all the fish and marine life. Here we seen a dolphin, sea turtles, sharks, manatee, jelly fish, clown fish, and so much more. Really cool for kids just to run around and be curious little kids. While inside Sea we stopped in to talk with Crush at Turtle Talk With Crush. I think here is where I really had an interest in finally seeing the movie. My daughter knew all about these characters, but I was lost. My obnoxiously curious boyfriend already knew how the attraction worked or I would have left wondering HOW IT REALLY WORKS! But I won’t spoil it for you. It’s really cool for kids especially if they have the change to speak with Crush! Don’t forget to make time for this if you have little kids duuuuuude! Once we left Sea we rushed over to the Character Spot to meet up with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy in their more traditional costumes to snap some quick flicks. If you haven’t yet seen them, now would be a great time. Now we had to kill time before our dinner reservation, so we briefly explored Great Britain and France. While here we got to take pictures in front of the Beauty & The Beast fountain; eat crepes; wander around Great Britain and meet Alice from Alice In Wonderland. In a later post I’ll go more into depth on the different countries inside Epcot and the other shows and rides. From here we rushed baaaaaack over to Sea to meet our reservations at the Coral Reef. We came into this reservation knowing about this restaurant and HIGH EXPECTATIONS! I don’t want to say it was bad, but the pictures are a little deceiving. The tank is only on one side of the restaurant and you have to get lucky to sit down by the glass. But none the less it wasn’t terrible. The view was just ok from our seats up top. And the food was good, but wouldn’t be our Top 5 pick. Unfortunately for us we had to quickly eat then rush over to the Showcase Plaza for our final fast pass, which we used for the IllumiNation night show. I wouldn’t recommend using a Fast Pass on Illumination unless you absolutely want to view this dead center. You can basically grab a good seat from anywhere around the lake as long as the park isn’t overly crowded.

In my follow up post on Epcot I’ll share all my tips and awesome recommendations. Thanks for sticking around and listening to my adventures. Next week I get right back into the tools for your Mickey Magic!

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goofy and baby

Z and Goofy doing his silly laugh-

Z and Goofy doing his silly laugh-

Taking a bow-- Z is trying to bow lol

Taking a bow– Z is trying to bow lol


family photo

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