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Walt Disney Wednesday (Disney Experience App)

Manage the Experience From Your Hip

I was very skeptical when I was told about the Disney Experience App app in the app store. Most destination apps are simple maps with entertainment times and that’s it. They never seem to sum up what an app can really do for a visitor. Phones and apps were created for convenience and mobility. When we thought about convenience we IMMEDIATELY thought about managing our itinerary and keeping us on schedule. So once we seen that this app managed your itinerary and more we were downloading it. And if you’re going to Disney you’d be one step behind if you didn’t at the very least EXPLORE the app.

Open and Go-

If you haven’t yet started planning your stay at Disney make sure you know when your window opens for certain ‘reservation sections’ aspects of your trip like Fast Pass+. Unlike dinner reservations, your Fast Pass tools don’t unlock until (I believe 90 days before you’re schedule to check-in). With that being said MAKE YOUR MEAL RESERVATIONS NOW! The moment you set down a deposit begin planning. Before you know it, all the big dinning experiences go fast. Don’t worry if your first choice isn’t available yet especially if you have a dining plan. Just lock something down for now. You can always cancel or modify as you go. The closer you get to your check-in the more likely someone might cancel, which makes your plans that much more exciting! That’s the beauty of this app. Instead of constantly calling or monitoring online, you can keep up to date using the Dining aspect of the app. The response times are real time accurate and quick updating. If you keep an active eye on the app you should have no problem creating memories your family never forget. It’s the little details that extenuate the bigger picture at Disney! Unfortunately my boyfriend has kept me in the blind on ALL the reservation details inside our vacation because he wants to make this a true magical experience for both my daughter and I.

Once You’re Set, You Should Never Be Late-

Another great thing about this app is its’ ability to keep you on schedule once you’ve completely locked in all corners of your vacation. You’ll receive notifications on your Fast Pass times, dinner reservations, character meet and greets and more. If you set a reminder in your experience, the app will help manage your time. Everything at Disney is time oriented. Whether it be meeting Cinderella at noon or going on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, you can either be on time or wait 40+ minutes. That’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to keep an eye on the time amidst the mayhem we all call a Disney schedule. Not only can it hurt you in getting on a ride, if you’re late to a dinner reservation it could cost you money for abandoning a reservation. So it’s not worth it not to have the extra help monitoring your schedule/itinerary.

The Details-

Beyond the scheduling side of the app it also lists wait time for rides, where the nearest bathrooms are or when the parks open/close. If the app doesn’t at the very least cover the ‘detail’ briefly, it’s probably not real (of coarse there’s probably things they don’t discuss on the app that might only be online or you have to speak to someone live). Want to know where Buzz Lightyear can be found…check the app; Where’s the nearest ice cream before the fireworks…check the app; Need more cash…CHECK THE APP!

It’s a safe arguments to just say it’s worth checking it out to see if it can benefit you. I’m certain you’ll pull one (1) thing off that app that will assist you and your family. Mickey wouldn’t have designed the app if it wasn’t essential in your Mousekatools! There’s just too much to discuss inside the benefits and funcation-ability of the app. I trust you’ll get curious and explore-

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