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Walt Disney Wednesday’s (Dining)

disney dining

In my house this is always a tough decision, especially with my boyfriend– he’s the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to eating. So it was easy for me to let him make this ‘major’ decision; And when it comes to eating there’s endless options in and around Disney. For the sake of keeping my post and tips as simplistic and to the best of my knowledge, I want to focus on what my family has done in researching and selecting our best option. Every heart wants the magic of Mickey and every tummy needs the love of Mickeys cooking!

What’s on your financial menu?

This is the absolute best way to attack this essential piece to your vacation. Let’s be honest, the fun HAS TO stop at some point when all our Mousekatanks are empty! In my honest opinion there’s really only two (2) logical answers here. You either pay per meal or explore the options of Disney’s Meal Plans. In our case we chose a meal plan only because it fit our itinerary great; And you’ll see why when it comes down to understanding that everything you do on your vacation is typically scheduled.

Disney offers great ‘Dining Plans’ with your reservation. Plans range from one quick service meal per day all the way down to three (3) sit down, restaurant style meals every day. There really is an option for everyone. Maybe you’ll be staying in a hotel with a kitchenette and you plan on packing lunches every day, but you’d like to sit down and eat a nice dinner- THERE’S A PLAN FOR YOU! The best part about all the plans is; It doesn’t matter if you chose one (1) quick meal per day or a luxury dining experience, EVERY plan comes with a free snack. Whether it be an ice cream or popcorn. IT’S GREAT FOR THE NIGHT TIME ENTERTAINMENT! I’m certain you’ll see me eating a Mickey Mouse Pop in tons of pictures! We’ll actually be going with the Magic Your Way Plus Dining package. This is what we feel is the most economical package Disney has to offer, with one (1) Table Service meal, one (1) Quick Service Meal, one (1) Snack and a refillable mug per person everyday. Do Note: If your planning a vacation with a child under 3 yrs old, THIS CHILD IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR PLAN! This was never mentioned in any sort of print until I called at a later time and an agent kindly explained it all for me. Glad I asked or we would have showed up expecting way more than we were getting. They expect the portions to be large enough that mom/dad can share their meal. All sources state the same, but since we haven’t yet done it I can’t voice for the statement, but I don’t see it being impossible.

We’ll also allow ourselves a per day budget for additional spending which could fit extra food in if we need– MOST meals alone come with a lofty price tag. Standard sit down meals are generally $30/person on the low end. It doesn’t matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our ‘economic’ plan is about $400/person extra, standing at about $60/day, prices vary depending how many days you stay. So we look at it like this; Inside our plan, we sit down and eat dinner and order the most expensive thing allowed. We basically eat more than we’re paying for already. We’re not overly big eaters, but we do have a taste for items that could be a little more costly. Now most of you are probably without hesitation saying NO WAY! to $60/day per person for food, but trust me when I say this; Through all our research, we were typically facing almost $150+ on food every day for my family. We’ll take that $30 savings and spend it on another T-Shirt while we eat more. You can also use your meals toward memorable dinning experiences for you and your family, which I’ll touch in a later post. If you’re going to face the pay per meal PLEASE do yourself the favor and reference the below tips website for cheap eats and tips on stretching your family’s dollar. The food can really break your budget if you’re not careful. I don’t want to sound like a nagging sales person when I express my honest recommendation when I say do your family the favor and look extra hard at the dining plans. There’s so much to it that saves you headaches and can TRULY make your vacation even more memorable.

I want you all to have the greatest vacation ever,but you HAVE TO look into how much it really is going to cost your family to eat each day. Remember the lack of food and liquids mixed with the higher temperatures in Florida can increase your risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I’m sure they’re friendly at Mickey’s Infirmary, but let’s not be ‘Goofy’ and skimp on our bodies natural operation. We can’t enjoy the magic if we’re not there to witness it! The key here is to look deep into our vacation and plan ahead on your dining budget; Understand your options; And facilitate the secrets whether your paying per meal or dining on a Disney Meal Plan.

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