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Walt Disney Wednesdays (Parks)


When it comes to planning your vacation in Disney it’s more than just where you’re going to sleep like every other vacation. Let’s be honest, is it really on any of our minds when we think of Disney? The magical side of your vacation lies within the walls of the theme parks. Comparing prices between staying at a Disney resort versus off Disney property the cost is dramatically different. And according to sources, the individual park tickets are due to rise even further this year. This is never something any family wants to hear especially in a time when families are still trying to gain traction economically. However, trust me when I say there’s something very special about Disney reservations that so many people don’t look into– or are so scared to ask about. I’m not going to spoil that little trick of Mickey’s until some other Wednesday. For now I’m going to shed light on the parks; but more importantly gauging the prices and fitting them into your budget.

Where Are We Going To Go?

Do you know all the parks on Disney’s grounds? My boyfriend was actually surprised at just how many people didn’t know all the theme parks inside Disney. I didn’t even know, it’s been so long since I was last at Disney! So many movies have been created; so many parks have been built; so many changes have been made to the parks that I had been to. Disney World is always changing. I didn’t even know MGM changed their name!! You’ve got the Timeless originals like Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but you’ve got Hollywood Studios (formally known as MGM), Animal Kingdom, two (2) water parks with Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Now of course you don’t have to visit them all, it’s about planning your journey in places you reaaaaaaally want to go to! If you’ve got the money available in your budget than there’s options for you to explore Disney in a more free, adventurous manner. It allows you to vacation a little less strict to a schedule. Feel free to explore the parks in any of the YouTube references I’ve listed below.

When looking at prices and deciding what you’re going to do in my honest opinion steer away from individual tickets. It’s not something people look at much anymore, but it’s more cost efficient and your bundles enhance when you buy park tickets in multiple day groups. A single day alone cost $105 per person 10 years old and above; $99 for kids 3yrs old to 9yrs old; children under 3 enter free with a paying adult. With trust and faith in the honesty of their business model, if you’re building your own vacation like we are, there’s only two (2) options for purchasing your park tickets at the best prices; Disney Direct & Undercover Tourist. Like I said in the first post, AAA no longer has a contract with Disney, but they had great prices as well.

To give you a comparison, we’re staying in Disney for 7 Days, but purchased park tickets for 6 days (with hopper passes and water parks, but I’ll compare without that option per the example). So instead of paying $210/day for myself, my boyfriend and my daughter, we’re only paying $108 per day. Saving $101.66 every day!! That’s more Mickey ears and Donald Duck pops! It really is important to look into bundling your tickets. And if you can spend the extra expense, a hopper option might be important depending on what time of year you go. A hopper pass allows you to attend any park anytime throughout your stay– meaning it’s more freedom and less scheduling stress. You know what…I don’t feel like going to Animal Kingdom on Monday, I want to go see Goofy and the gang for the second time! The hopper allows you to enter the same park as much as you want while your staying at Disney. Without a hopper pass you’re limited to that one park you paid tickets for for that day. Lastly, depending on the sales season, you can find incredible park packages if you’re staying at any Disney Resort.

There’s so much that can be said about the park, which I’ll touch more on when we’re exploring the parks and sharing little secrets in later posts. So if you stick with the two (2) ticket sources I’ve listed both above and in the references, I PROMISE YOU you’ll find a suitable combo that suits the needs of you and will put your family in the best possible position to make this the most magical vacation without hurting your head. Make sure you design multiple vacation options with and without Disney resort prices before you pull the trigger on anything. The lofty Hotel/Resort prices on Disney usually come with a truly considerate discount on park tickets 😉 *hint hint*. Check it out and make sure you let me know how you’re making out along your journey to share the experience of Disney like us!!

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