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Cesarean and VBACS

Many of you follow our daily lives on Youtube and have heard me talk about my issues with my second pregnancy. As you may or may not now my first was a cesarean and I must admit I was uneducated in the whole pregnancy, from what to expect, possible complications, and how I wanted to deliver. I just figured I would push out a watermelon from my pea-size delicates and…

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Pink Blush Clothing Giveaway

*Clothing was provided to be in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own* I’m beyond thrilled to come together with my dear friend Nicole of Mommy Tips by Cole and bring to you all a collaboration with Pink Blush. Pinkblush started off with a chic line of maternity wear and soon after branched out to target all the chic woman out there pregnant or not. I was able…

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The Secret is Out: I’m Pregnant!

I’m three months pregnant (tomorrow) and I can finally tell the world! It’s been a struggle having to keep it a secret not only from my boyfriend for a week, but from the Youtube world who I share every detail of my life with on a daily basis. I can finally share all these crazy horomones, my exhaustion and my sickness with my amigos! Many think the reason I finally…

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Time Waits For No One

Wow, I haven’t written a parenting post in quite a while. I suppose it’s because I’ve been visually documenting my life with Z on my YouTube channel so you get to see my life up close and personal. Yesterday on my channel I showed everyone Ziana’s 12-month photo montage that I had put up for her Safari Birthday party and my geez! The changes this kid has gone through physically…

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Mommy Rant

Lately Ziana has been a pain in the ass within the last week. It started when she started waking up at 7:30AM, granted for any parent that’s good, but not for me! Also, she’s been moody, real clingy and mischievous. Can I catch a break!? Haha. I’m so in love with this kid I’d do anything, but waking up at 7:30 is not something I’m up for especially when I…

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7 Months of Baby Bliss

I just realized I haven’t updated anyone on Ziana’s wonderful life! Last week she finally turned 7 months and has been reaching those milestones or at least trying. On New Years Ziana had so much fun. She thrived for that attention and was kicking and jumping on people’s legs as if she was dancing to the music. It was great to bring in the new year with my daughter. ______________________________________________________________________…

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The Missing Connection and Hormones

Many women when their pregnant always speak about how happy they are and how everything is perfect. Although I think it’s bull because nothing nor no one is perfect, there are a few women who truly are happy about their pregnancy and don’t struggle with the new life changes that are about to come. As for me I was a bit scared and I guess you could say depressed at…

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