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Lately Ziana has been a pain in the ass within the last week. It started when she started waking up at 7:30AM, granted for any parent that’s good, but not for me! Also, she’s been moody, real clingy and mischievous. Can I catch a break!? Haha.

I’m so in love with this kid I’d do anything, but waking up at 7:30 is not something I’m up for especially when I had the leisure of her waking up at 8:30am. Due to her new schedule I’ve been beyond exhausted that I have to take a nap when she does otherwise I don’t function well and I get moody.


Then we have her wanting attention 90% of the time and crying just because. Of course the only answer we can come up with is her growing and teething. Imagine your teeth breaking through your skin. I’ve seen her skin peeling because of her teeth and looking at is painful so imagine how they feel? So perhaps that’s the reason for that.

We’ve been very set on not “babying” her much. We’ll carry her, caress her and even come to her aid– sometimes, but we’re typically firm on not carrying her every time she cries. Yet lately I’ve succumbed to her needy ways a bit more. The reason she’s so cranky and needy is because she doesn’t want to nap anymore. I literally put her in the crib to nap and she’ll be in there for an hour talking and playing by herself before she takes a nap and sometimes she doesn’t even nap. So when she gets cranky it’s because she’s exhausted. It exhausting being a baby apparently!

I can tell from about two months ago that our kid was going to b mischievous. I mean she has my ADD-Dennis the menace genes in her with her daddy’s scheming and thrill-seeking genes she’s only bound to be twice as bad. It’s funny when you tell her “no” and she’ll usually back off, but she goes right to it again and looks back to see if you’re looking. For instance my “chanclas” (slippers) she’ll pick them up look back at me and debate whether she’s going to put it in her mouth.

The life of a mommy is funny, awesome, frustrating and annoying. Can’t wait to see what the upcoming months hold for me. Yay– !

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