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The Secret is Out: I’m Pregnant!

funny pregnancy photos

I’m three months pregnant (tomorrow) and I can finally tell the world! It’s been a struggle having to keep it a secret not only from my boyfriend for a week, but from the Youtube world who I share every detail of my life with on a daily basis. I can finally share all these crazy horomones, my exhaustion and my sickness with my amigos!

Many think the reason I finally let the secret out was because I had reached my three-month mile mark, but that’s not it at all. When I was pregnant with Ziana I was 5 weeks and had told the world! Since my boyfriend’s family lives in Pennsylvania we had to wait until we told them and not let them find out on Youtube. But trust and believe with our next kid (if there is one) Youtube will be the first to know, so make sure you subscribe!

I wish there was a creative way to photography these memories of my growing belly, but I’m that creative and I don’t want to do what everyone else has done so here are my 4-week progression of my belly and photos of us. Nothing special. Nothing unique, but maybe with the next kid it’ll be something spectacular! Also, make sure to check out the video on our Youtube channel of how I told my boyfriend, family and friends–

pregnancy test

mommy is pregnant

‘Mommy is pregnant’ face!

wilhelmina model

first response pregnancy test

This is her ‘how could I torture this new kid?’ look

im pregnant

‘Yes! I got an idea!’

adorable child

9 weeks
oops I did it again

pregnant again

pregnancy announcement


we're pregnant

family portraits

youtube family

9 weeks pregnant

9 weeks pregnant

10 weeks10 weeks pregnant

11 weeks
11 weeks

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