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7 Months of Baby Bliss

I just realized I haven’t updated anyone on Ziana’s wonderful life! Last week she finally turned 7 months and has been reaching those milestones or at least trying.

On New Years Ziana had so much fun. She thrived for that attention and was kicking and jumping on people’s legs as if she was dancing to the music. It was great to bring in the new year with my daughter.


20130114-005752.jpg ______________________________________________________________________
Ziana with her cousins and Chi chi <3 20130114-005803.jpg

As of now Ziana is a supported sitter. She sits well, but wobbles at the same time that if she makes a quick move she falls back and bangs her head. It’s horrible! Those cries are so sad.


When Ziana eats and she doesn’t want anymore she’ll either press her lips or throw her bottle, haha. I sometimes put her on her swing to drink her bottle and at this age you can’t take your eyes off them! Ziana will get bored and start turned and flipping on her swing…



She’s a rebel indeed! The most important milestone around this age is babies getting ready to crawl. Ziana has been getting on all fours rocking back and forth without moving or she’ll get on all four with her toes, hilarious!


And this past weekend she’s been doing the army crawl! Yay! Boy is she quick. When she has her eyes on something she army crawls to it fast. Thankfully, I taped it…


Just another 5 months and I’ll be planning her first birthday. I’m so excited and have been coming up with ideas. It’s never too early!

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