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Time Waits For No One


Wow, I haven’t written a parenting post in quite a while. I suppose it’s because I’ve been visually documenting my life with Z on my YouTube channel so you get to see my life up close and personal.

Yesterday on my channel I showed everyone Ziana’s 12-month photo montage that I had put up for her Safari Birthday party and my geez! The changes this kid has gone through physically is astounding. Her smudged crinkled face has stretched out, her eyes have gotten bigger, she barely has any hair, her tiny hands are almost as big as my midget hands (lol). But now? She walks! Talks! Hums! Gets ticklish! And knows that’s farting makes a smell!

The once helpless child who cried through the night and needed me to give her my right breast as food is a grown little person now. That’s when it hit me. Cherish these annoying-rip-your-hair-out-cut-your-ears-off moments and indulge in what it is. Because as cliche as it is, time flies and waits for no one!

The next thing you know your 19-month-old kid will be 6-years-old, 10, 14, 18. They’ll eventually stop needing you. Be embarrassed by you, not want to kiss you, not beg for you to play with them, not think of you as their everything. Their loser friends will be all they need that there won’t be any room for you. It’s inevitable.


Eventually– if not already, you’ll be telling them you don’t have time for them as they ask you to take them to the park or read them a book. You’re going to feel so tired and in a rush that you’ll have an excuse saying you have to cook dinner or you need to go take a shower, when in reality all that can wait. Everyone can starve for an extra hour or two and staying smelly for an extra hour or two will be well worth it.

We all want to rush to the next milestone of when they’re going to talk, be out of diapers, walk without assistance or walk to school by themselves, yet we don’t realize what we’re missing out on trying to rush all these new accomplishments. Of course, we want to see them grow, but slooooowly! Once you realize how fast they really do grow you’ll reminisce back when you were at the hospital getting mesmerized in their eyes holding them tightly against your chest in a swaddled mess you made.

Writing and proof-reading this post is already getting me teary eyed. We take life for granted, especially that of our own children.

So the next time your little monkey or big boy cries for your attention, breathe and take in that moment. Memorize those teary eyes as they look up to you because eventually all that will be a long-lost memory.


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