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Two Kids and Counting?

You read it right! Two kids and counting has been a huge conversation in our home– should we and do we want to add another bundle of joy into our mix? Listen, when you have no kids life is grand– do whatever you want, whenever and no one to really worry about. Then I had Ziana and okay, fine, I now have to care for another human being besides myself.…

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Cesarean and VBACS

Many of you follow our daily lives on Youtube and have heard me talk about my issues with my second pregnancy. As you may or may not now my first was a cesarean and I must admit I was uneducated in the whole pregnancy, from what to expect, possible complications, and how I wanted to deliver. I just figured I would push out a watermelon from my pea-size delicates and…

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Fall Maxi Dress

*Clothing was provided to be in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own* A few weeks ago I wore my favorite maxi dress alongside my mini-me and showed how a maxi dress can play as the perfect transitional dress from summer into fall. In going with the ‘flow’ of the perfect fall staple, here is my favorite fall maxi dress thus far for the season. Besides making me…

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The Secret is Out: I’m Pregnant!

I’m three months pregnant (tomorrow) and I can finally tell the world! It’s been a struggle having to keep it a secret not only from my boyfriend for a week, but from the Youtube world who I share every detail of my life with on a daily basis. I can finally share all these crazy horomones, my exhaustion and my sickness with my amigos! Many think the reason I finally…

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Trying To Get Pregnant: My Sex Life

My sex life! Well– not exactly telling you what I do in the sheets, but some things I’m reading up on to get knocked up for the second time. This may be a shocker, or actually may not be a shocker at all for many of you, but did you know that you could only get pregnant when your ovulating? Sure, go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait– I honestly thought…

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Pregnancy Myths and Truths

Losing weight while breastfeeding This is a question I’ve been asked so many times due to my experience with Z. And I’ve always been hesitant to give a definite answer. We’ve all been told that an upside to breast feeding was to lose weight faster and I think this tall-tale was told mostly to encourage mothers to do so. After careful deliberation I’ve decided that it’s all different for every…

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The Missing Connection and Hormones

Many women when their pregnant always speak about how happy they are and how everything is perfect. Although I think it’s bull because nothing nor no one is perfect, there are a few women who truly are happy about their pregnancy and don’t struggle with the new life changes that are about to come. As for me I was a bit scared and I guess you could say depressed at…

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