Two Kids and Counting?

when to have more kids

You read it right! Two kids and counting has been a huge conversation in our home– should we and do we want to add another bundle of joy into our mix? Listen, when you have no kids life is grand– do whatever you want, whenever and no one to really worry about. Then I had Ziana and okay, fine, I now have to care for another human being besides myself. It was hard being a new mom, but eventually I adjusted to it. When she slept, I slept. When she ate, I ate. We played together– she was my baby doll and life seemed easy with my twin. Until we decided on adding another kid. Ziana was kind of not really planned– we just said ‘if it happens it happens,’ and it happened. With talking about a second kid we took our time, weighed our options and decided to purposely get knocked up. Grown up decisions!

When they say every pregnancy and every kid is different they aren’t lying. Ziana Eliz was an easy baby for the most part. After two months she slept through the night, ate good, never had major diaper blow outs, wasn’t needy and her cries were of an angel. Ziana is 4-years-old and acting like a teenager that sweet girl is already digging my grave. Now, that boy Gunner Patrick? We figured he was going to be an easy baby too and not much would really change with two kids. Life isn’t that easy remember? Gunner took 7 months to sleep through the night, has major blowouts just about every other diapers– I swear it’s to just make sure he’s getting attention, is beyond the word needy– he does not like to be left alone for a second and his cries will make you want to jump out a window– a VERY HIGH WINDOW. It’s a lot to handle just him when he’s awake, but I know all that will soon change… right?!

Life is busy with two now especially since Ziana goes to “school” basically just daycare because she isn’t learning a damn thing (different topic for a different post). I have to make her breakfast– which if you know I don’t know how to do, get her dressed and do all that. Then wake up this little monster adorable baby out of his sleep to bring Ziana to school just to come back home in 10 minutes– that’s if I’m not driving around for two hours looking for a parking spot. Two mouths to feed, two car seats, a stroller to tackle, two banks accounts to add money to, two baths, two of everything. Imagine adding a third child who may or may not be just like Gunner and then dealing with Gunner who may or may never change, on top of a teenager? IMAGINE. Many of you live that life. My sister-in-law I don’t know how she’s done it with three kids (10,7,5)– she must be on something! Although I would’ve loved to have Ziana and Gunner, at most two years apart, I know I couldn’t handle it. And as much as I want to have a third kid and start the process now as Gunner is turning one, I know I can’t handle it. I know my limits.

But, even with all that I know I want, he wants, more kids. With all the arguing and stress a family brings in the long run it’s what we ultimately want. We love them and life (although differently than how I imagined) just feels like there’s a bit more of a purpose in my life. Those kids aren’t going to be crying every minute of the day, will learn to wipe their asses on their own, eventually won’t need mommy and daddy and the dynamic of the family will evolve to something even greater– greater than what we could’ve imagined. Parents of one or two kids really try to tell me to stop at two! Am I nuts? Yes, but nuts is what drives me to be the crazy-yelling Betsy V that I am.



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