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Scary Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

*This birthday was all thanks to by Sky Zone, Party City and Oriental Trading for all free services. All statements are truthful**

scary unicorn party

I’m not lying… this scary unicorn theme birthday party was all conjured up in my now 5-year-olds beautiful mind. The first two years I picked the theme and we had family parties; safari theme and then the good ol’ Sesame Street theme. After that it was keeping it low key and just us going out to the the aquarium and more here. This year with having school friends we figured why not having a party with her friends.

Birthday theme ideas

Once the Trolls movie came out, Ziana Eliz was obsessed and said she wanted a pink Trolls birthday party. I wasn’t thrilled, but it was her birthday so why not? As long as I have creative control over Halloween , baby girl you can have whatever you want! Then out of nowhere she changed her mind, as do many toddlers do, “I want a scary birthday party!” I LOVE SCARY! Hence, why we were zombies one year, and why we always scare the living daylights out of her during Halloween– so to say I was just a tad bit excited is an understatement. But then I figured maybe it was a bit strange for her classmates and parents and tried to gear her elsewhere; how about a princess party? Pink party? Trolls? Barbie? Unicorns?

“Okay mom, a SCARY UNICORN PARTY! Good idea!”

Oh hell.

I got to work and was able to collaborate again with Party City and Oriental Trading. Then it was time to book a place– my house was too small, everyone goes to the same kid spots so why not try a birthday somewhere else, which many families haven’t gone to?


Sky Zone Birthday

You’ve seen us go crazy over Sky Zone and Ziana is a bit obsessed so figured we’d book her birthday there. They have tons of packages and the one we went for was the “Jump Around Package”– 11 jumpers, pizza, an hour of jump time and 40- minutes in the party room. The package was perfect for our size and trust when I say an hour was plenty! Although I would’ve liked a bit more time in the party room before to decorate and after it’s understandable as there are other parties and it can’t be all about me!

Where to purchase decorations

Any of the decorations you like will be listed below the photos, so go ahead and enjoy, pin and watch the birthday party on our vlog.

1- White Kraft Bags
2- Biohazard Zombie Tattoo
3- Radioactive Bubble Bottles
4- Molded Zombie Cups (Oriental Trading)
5- Slime
6- Spray Fake Blood

1- Molded Zombie Cups (Oriental Trading)
2- Bloody Zombie Napkins
3- Plastic Skulls
4- Posable Spider
5- Zombie Sound Box
6- Caution Keep Out Tape
7- Blood Splatter Gel
8- Zombie Window/Door Decor
9- Bloody Hands Gel Cling
10- Metallic White Tablecloth
11- Life-Size Posable Skeleton
12- Silver Letter Balloon
13- Unicorn Balloon

1- Unicorn Costume
2- Staples and Stitches Tattoos
3- Dripping Blood Choker

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