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Birthday Ideas for Your Toddler

eddie's sweet shop

Two weeks ago we celebrated Ziana’s birthday for four days! Yes, four long, yet fun-filled days and they were all in our backyard of Queens. We really had nothing major planned for her birthday except the AQUARIUM which I spoke about on a prior post, but other from that it was all wholesome activities that didn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Now a little secret not many fellow New Yorkers may know about, because I didn’t once upon a time, is that New York has a great parks and recreational program in all 5 boroughs that have tons of free events for adults and kids. Make sure to check out the NY Park Events calendar

The Wednesday before her grand day we enjoyed something called “Movies Under The Star,” which means just that– the park picks a movie and will show it at a park once the sun has set, for FREE!! My favorite word. It’s like the stars aligned with her birthday because it couldn’t have ben more perfect with her favorite movie “Inside Out” playing that night. We took upon ourselves to first have a BBQ, even after it had rained, because when we set our minds to something we like to follow through. Once we finished we walked across the bridge in Corona park and enjoyed the movie.

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movies under the stars

movies in the park

The day of her actual bday we kept it simple, but still very special. I made sure to sing her ‘happy bday’ on her actual bday, at the time she was born, 11:22AM. We then headed to a quint little spot in Queens called Olil Oli Studio
where she was able to paint whatever it is she desired. My parents came over afterwards to bring some jello cakes and again sang her happy bday. And since you know we are suckers for traditions, we decided to add one to our list– take her out for ice-cream every year for her bday. We stopped by Eddie’s Sweet Shop, which takes you back into time with their simple, yet delicious ice-cream sundaes. Oh, and we sang her special song ‘Happy Bday’ again!

The next day on Friday we went to a weekly “Summer Sports” event that is thrown by the NYC Parks, which keeps kids active through the Summer in sports. Z loved it, made friends and it’s teaching her that she’s not the only one who exists in her world. Then Saturday as you know– we made it to the aquarium. Which you can read all about or watch– here. Best bday ever? I think and can only hope so!

How do you make your child’s birthday special?

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Eddie's sweet shop

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