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Apparently the runways bought back wearing a dress over pants. At first I thought why? But if put together nicely it’s not that all that bad as my illustration will show which ones I’m fond of and which I’m not so hot about. The all blue outfit is nice, not a huge fan, but definitely something that someone could pull off and not be taunted, haha. The second outfit is cute for a middle school kid or an adult who acts like a kid. The third outfit just screams “someone throw up on me!” How is that fashionable or even cute? Where is Joan Rivers when you need her? The last one on the right is like a little clueless girl going to a sleepover in her PJ’s. Capital F to both outfits.


Metallics is another craving trend for the Spring. Any color and any piece if clothing is okay too. However, metallic pants? Maybe not so much for the men. I love this look and by adding your own twist or personality into it you’ll be sure to rock it– hopefully.


Now men wearing metallic? Hmm, maybe if you’re metro or going to the disco. I would not be standing by my man in this.


Who doesn’t like a nice sheer shirt, dress or skirt? Although I don’t recommend you walk out with your boobies poking through, it’s still a piece of clothing that every woman must own! Wear a nice cami underneath and you’re set to go to work or dinner.

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