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What The F#&%ion!?

I think we’re all into fashion in some way, but most of us don’t really know about how fashion works or what it really is. So here are my interpretations of the sometimes crazy fashion that’s presented to us.


According to The Fashion Spot these “Bermuda Shorts” are Springs trendiest look. How are the jean Bermuda shorts fashionable? I don’t know how. All I see is an unflattering piece of clothing that can make someone from behind question whether you’re a man or woman. Or more like how’s the painting going? The black and white shorts are casual and classy so those I totally get.


Next is the “Exaggerated Volume” style. How o’ how can this be trendy? I didn’t know if you changed the color of a garbage bag it was called fashion. Curvy is sexy, but over-sized clothing to make you look frumpy is not sexy. Not to mention this freakishly tall women look like Oompa Loompas.

I’ve never been a huge fan of patchwork clothing always reminded me of picnic blankets, but rarely very rarely do I see a piece of item that wow’s me. And who doesn’t love animal print!? I’m a cheetah lover– I love it so much everything down to my socks is cheetah’d out, haha. So without further ado I present to you another Spring fashion trend, “Patchwork Animal Print.”


With a twist of my artistic gift I tried to make the middle and right outfit much nicer, but that didn’t work– it’s dreadfully awful. The Preen outfit (middle one) looks like someone went into their Grandmother’s closet and put every piece they could find together The left outfit by Erdem I can possible see work with Posh Spice I mean Victoria Beckham.


I must say I felt like after looking at trend after trend I finally got the niche! I was so in love with the “Sheer Panels” look. Although I think Chado Rucci (middle one) could’ve trimmed the jacket a bit more to be fitting it’s not awful. They’re peek-a-boo type of outfits– are we going to see something that’s naughty or not? Sexy and classy, but only for those with no lady lumps. We all know fashion are for those non-endowed women who can wear anything without making it like porn star-ish. Boo for me, but yay overall!

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