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What The F#&%ion!?


(Left to right- Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs)

Did we really need these designers to tell us that black and white is always in all year round? No, but it’s always, okay well usually great to see pieces out together or disasters coming together and calling it “fashion.” Here we go again with the oversized unflattering outfit by Alexander Wang and then topping it off with a weird-looking messengers hat which I’m sure cost more than our closets put together. The worst is looking and even wearing the different black and white patterns. Did we get caught in the Twilight Zone? Or are we suppose to see an old woman and young lady’s face in the outfit? Hmm who knows. And of course there’s at least one designer who did a phenomenal job with their outfit– Marc Jacobs. The work outfit which can also be worn on a hot dinner date is a double whammy for us average people. It’s like the two for one deal in fashion.


(Left to right- Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs)

Wearing a candy stripers outfit is sexy– only when worn appropriately in the bedroom or on a cute little baby. Bad, bad, bad Tommy boy. Michael Kors shirts are wearable and suitable so he didn’t deserve the x’s much. I don’t agree with the easy access skirt that was paired with it though, but hey it’s about the stripes!

Ziana apparently loves the stripe look and is moving along with fashion–


Now it’s time for what’s in for hair during Spring!


I love bangs and side bangs. Although I’ve only experimented about three times with it it’s still one of my faves. Why not give your look a small change?



Another spring look is the wet look. Can you tell how much of a fan I am? It’s just unrealistic to have a Spanish chick walk out the house with wet hair. If I don’t blow dry it and straighten it, my hair will be a staticky-dried-puff and that is not cute. This look only works for girls or men (whatever) if they have naturally straight hair, if you do lucky you!

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