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$11 Fall Farm Pumpkin Picking Fun

pumpkin picking farm

This weekend was quite eventful from a spur of the moment trip to Chuck E Cheese then to a farm to fully enjoy the fall season. We came to the realization Thursday that we hadn’t visited a farm this year to do our traditional pumpkin picking activities.

2013 Pumpkin Picking

2014 Pumpkin Picking

2016 Pumpkin Picking

Baby daddy was given the pleasure in picking out a place to do our pumpkin picking fun since I was too overwhelmed in picking the ‘perfect’ place. Within minutes and a few clicks he found a really great place which was a 15 minutes drive away and cost only $11. I was sure it was a misprint or a scam. And knowing me I decided to ring the place and as their website said $11!

What exactly was $11? Imagine getting a bumpy hayride, getting to hold bunnies, being one with a chicken, getting a pony ride, milking a cow and plenty more for only $11!! Do you see why I was excited? In New York $11 gets you a hotdog and a drink.

Drum roll please….

Green Meadows Farm is where it’s at! Green Meadows Petting Farm offers children and adults a hands-on touching experience with their animals unlike any other zoo/farm you go to where you’ll just pass by quickly.It’s right next door to Queens County Farm Museum so it’s easy to get confused, but the experiences are way different.

You enter in groups and although I think ours could’ve been smaller, it was still a great experience with a hands-on tour guide. I also would’ve liked some facts on each animal as we were passing by and touching them. After visiting all the pets, which included the pony ride and milking a cow! Yes, I milked a cow– pretty gross and totally rad at the same time, we headed to the hayride. Those are always a fun time to sit back and relax. The end of the tour consisted of picking out our pumpkins which were FREE with admission! Now, let me make note of this… the pumpkins are all small, but as for us we didn’t care about the size. If you want a bigger pumpkin head over to the museum next door.

When the tour was over we ourselves went to the Queens County Farm Museum and bought some apple cider donuts, apple cider, empanadas, corn and let the kids run around in the yard.

A fun time indeed!

Do you travel to different farms every year like us?


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