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Pumpkin Picking 2013

FINALLY! After two weeks, the photos and video of my pumpkin picking adventure are here and they’re ready for you to view. There was a huge delay since I had to look for a song to match the video and then it took forever for the original singer to get back to me so I had to use another song and my boyfriend had to edit it since my video was longer then 3 minutes. Whew! AND THEN, the unthinkable happened, video was uploading Wednesday night to YouTube and when I went to play it back there was NO video. Long story short, it’s been a huge headache to get it done!

This year I planned ahead (like end of August) with my brother’s family to go pumpkin picking during the weekday in October. I’m so happy we ended up going on a weekday because it was technically empty as you’ll see in the photos/video so I was able to get awesome photos without too many random people’s hands, heads and legs screwing up my photos 🙂

Location: White Post Farms, Melville, NY

Oh, yes, and the amazing song playing on the video [below] is by RAC “Top Of the World by. Imagine Dragons” André Allen Anjos Remix

This photo was taken right before leaving to the pumpkin patch in my dad’s mustang. I was going to delete this photo until I fixed it up in Lightroom. Thank God for light room!

My rugrat loves my Buddha belly

My pain in the butt parents

Break while I scratch my nose and Ziana has a diva moment…

What a thief!


Love this photo of my sister-in-law. Seriously getting an uncensored photo of her being happy is rare lol

One of my faves! Natural photo


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