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Reapers Revenge and Roba Family Farms

pumpkin picking photography

October comes around and although I’m not in love with the soon to be really cold weather I do enjoy some of the activities that happen during October– Halloween and pumpkin picking! As a kid I could care less about Halloween and definitely never went to a haunted attraction because I didn;t want to die of a heart-attack, until I went to Dorney Park and their Fright Fest night, where all the ghosts, goblins and zombies come out to play. I’ll admit I was nervous at first, but going through it, I realized it’s all make believe and it was actually a lot of fun! I figured if I could go through Dorney Park, which is moderately toned down due to children actually going, I can go through anything. Thanks to Dorney Park it prepared me for even bigger things like Reaper’s Revenge!!

Reaper’s Reevenge was Top 10 Haunted Attractions in 2015 and continues to do great as you can see in my Youtube video . Again, I was scared because if you seen their video it’s hella scary!! Doors don’t open until it’s dusk and won’t start until it’s dark out. Door opened at about 7:20ish and we actually arrived at 6PM– already there was a line, but not huge at all compared to what we saw when we left. If you go later there might be a 3-4 hour wait time. I loved Reaper’s Revenge– they delivered from waiting in line until you left. They don’t leave you waiting without some sort of amusement or attraction, which was nice. You had zombies or other creepy looking people walking around the grounds and even on the lines– my favorite one was the vacationing zombie who was the cutest (if you go you’ll see why or just watch the video). It’s non-stop action, even when we left one scene to the next and looked back the actors stayed in character. They do touch you, but it’s nothing terrifying– they’ll just touch your hair or hand or grab at a leg (IT’S FUN)! Quite honestly, I wish they had grabbed and pulled people, even myself! Apparently, that’s how they use to do things, but people complained? Then don’t come I say!Now, if you’re not into people even touching your hair and such you can be given a light that goes around your neck. For 90 minutes and $35 to see the attraction– it’s well worth it. The way they set up the scenes, the startle effect, the makeup, props, down to the actors were all great. I wasn’t terrified, but it sure was fun. I would suggest that they bring back people actually lifting you up for instance or having actors on the wagon with us regular folks, things like that would make it much more fun, but 1-out-of-10 skulls, 9!

Now that the scares are over we had to keep it PG for the kids– we’ve been looking everywhere in NY/NJ for the perfect place to go apple picking and just couldn’t find one that had activities for the kids and wouldn’t cost much. Since the boyfriend grew up in Pennsylvania we looked at places over there and found THE perfect place. Roba Family Farms had even more then what we were looking for. From two corn maze’s, animal farm, hayrides, singing chickens, pig races, kittie kattle train, camp fires to make smores or chat, face painting, pony rides to two huge bouncy houses, and, of course, pumpkin picking– there was no way we could pass this place up for only $15 per person (weekend price). FIFTEEN DOLLARS! And trust me, there’s even more things to do as they have special events such as magicians, parades and much, much more. We spent four hours there and could’ve spent more, but with a drive back to NY we cut the trip short. Can’t wait for next year! To see us live in action watch the vlog from that day and you’ll be eager to go and not leave as we did– watch here!

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