Why We’re Visiting Washington DC This Time Around

Something different to do in Washington DC!

Last time we made our way to Washington DC was three years ago– read the posts here, here and here. We did the museums per usual, because why else do you really go? We’re a family that enjoys museums and want to introduce that to the kids as much as possible.

BUT, one of the main reasons we’re visiting this time is to go hang out at George Washington’s crib in Mount Vernon! Why? Well, within the last couple months Ziana Eliz has been really into autobiographies. It started with books from Brad Metzler- I am George Washington, I am Harriet Tubman, I am Martin Luther King Jr, I am Billie Jean and countless others we still have to read. For some reason autobiographies just clicked with her and she started reading the same book over and over again.

Why are we visiting DC…

After reading George Washington’s book, baby daddy said that George Washington’s house still stood in Mount Vernon. I did some digging and yes, found out that his house is still standing, but also saw that there’s a reenactment of The Revolutionary War! I always wanted to go to a reenactment, but also what better way to learn about the war, meet George himself and learn more fun facts during that period of time, then actually being there!

Unfortunately, the reenactment is on May 4th and 5th and we’re going up on the 3rd, so she’ll be missing school Friday. No big deal, because I’m counting it as a field trip. The hopeful bright side is that since it’s not during Spring break or anything of that jazz it won’t be too busy.

Now, you know I’m the Queen of surprises (ahem, have you seen our last vlog), so Ziana Eliz has no idea about this! Of course, during our visit we’ll also be visiting a few other museums and the National Zoo! That’s one of our other favorite things to do when we travel to other places.

Make sure to follow the vlogs on my Youtube channel during our visit there next week!

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