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Family Travel: Washington DC

**Worked with Embassy Hilton and Newseum for hotel stay and comp tickets**

vacation to Washington DC

When I was a kid my parents took me on many vacations, one of them was visiting Washington DC and I’ll be honest I didn’t care much for it. What kid is really going to be all into visiting museums? It’s not until you get older and wiser that you appreciate museums and all of history’s past. We’ve taken Ziana to the Natural History museum here in New York and she was curious and inquisitive about the things she saw. It wasn’t just about showing her “here’s an animal” or “this is what people looked like a long time ago.” We tried to enrich her mind, to ask questions and explain the history to her. Did this 4-year-old understand fully? No, but getting her use to exploring and exposing her to these things can hopefully help her intellectually in the long run. We knew that taking her to Washington DC can only further expose her to not just a vacation, but a new place to explore. We decided to make a big family trip out of it and had Nicole from Mommy Tips by Cole join with her family.

It was a short car ride away– 4.5 hours and we were there. We drove in with no traffic, smooth ride in our Kia Sedona (leased to us for the week), great chats and then arrived to the hotel. A big thank you to Embassy Suites who offered their rooms to us. The top three things we looked for when picking a hotel was; FREE wifi, free breakfast and pool– they met all three. It was a great hotel– clean, staff was super generous and kind. We got adjoined rooms which was fun to hang out in and whined down after a long day. The beds and sheets were like clouds and the crib must’ve been super comfy for Gunner since this was the first night– no weekend, that he didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. Also, loved that I was able to control the temperature in the room with their digital thermostat. Check out the hotel here from our vlog;

Once we checked in we wasted no time and went straight to the White House. We were all upset when we found out you were actually able to tour the White House with prior permission. So if you’re interested make sure to check out who to contact here and be aware that you need months in advance to get tickets. After that long hot walk to the White House we made another long-hot-walk to the Newseum.

The Newseum I will admit it was not my choice to visit, it was all the boyfriend’s doing. I ended up leaving and loving it! Seeing how advanced we’ve become was remarkable, how past cases– although unfortunate, paved the ways for future cases to be solved. From the original news articles; to Bill Gates signed first keyboard; to reminiscing over the Vietnam War in which my boyfriend’s father fought in; to viewing the communications tower that was tore down from the tragedy of 9/11 was surreal. Definitely a place to visit while you’re down there. Thank you for having us! Check out the footage here from our vlog;


washington dc capitol

washington monument

the white house

father and son

the capitol full view

reading a map


inside the newseum

berlin wall

inside today's fbi

americas most wanted


kids at the museum

news in the past

vietnam war

9/11 communication tower

remembering 9/11

capitol meeting

washington dc monuments

cute kids vacationing

wilhelmina model

china town in dc

black and white candid kids

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