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Family Travel: Washington DC Part 3 of 3

traveling to Washington dc

Finally our last and final day in Washington DC, I hope by now you’ve stayed up to date with post 1 and post 2. The last day was bitter sweet– we had spent two great nights all together and roaming the streets of DC. Due to the small amount of times we spent there we didn’t get to visit all the museums. There was one museum which we were suppose to see the day before we left but didn’t get to. I made it firm that no matter what Sunday ( day of departure) I was going to the Spy Museum with or without them! Thankfully, everyone agreed to it because otherwise it would’ve sucked.

Alright, just a quick background on why I was obsessed with going to the Spy Museum– since the age of 4 I wanted to be a detective because I wanted to break into people’s homes and solve crimes, thanks to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, then I eventually moved on to wanting to be a homicide detective (thank you seriel killers), then it went to wanting to be an FBI agent (thank you to I don’t know who). All of those dreams eventually went out the window. I still had a love for the mystery and suspense of crimes whether they were small, huge or espionage. This holds very true till this day. Now, imagine seeing a museum geared towards spies of the world! The Spy Museum is the only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage and the only one in the world to provide a global perspective on an all-but-invisible profession that has shaped history and continues to have a significant impact on world events.

The experience from the start was amazing– they take you up a creepy elevator then to a room where everyone has to pick a fake identity and memorize it! There were tons of IDs to pick from and it really was fun having to make believe even for an adult. Ziana didn’t want to be called “Angelina” (fake ID name), but eventually caught on. Then they gave a back history on what exactly entails espionage then off to the museum to read/play and discover the spies of the world. It was an amazing experience, can’t wait to go back. Watch some of the fun on our vlog in this video!

Lastly, we had to stop by the Marine Corps Memorial- a monument erected to memorialize a valiant win in WW2 at the battle of Iwo Jima. Which now stands as a center piece in dedication to all the US Marine Corps who have died defending the United States since 1775. A beautiful monument we had to stop by and show respect.

It was a beautiful ending to our trip, as we turned around and drove back through Arlington Cemetery and over the Arlington Memorial Bridge. It was like saying thank you to our history as our last venture had been paying respect to those who helped pave the way.

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