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What The French are you Eating for Breakfast?

*This post has been sponsored by IHOP as they invited me to try their new breakfast items. However, all opinions are my own*

ihop breakfast items

Last time we spoke about IHOP it was because I introduced you to their new breakfast items from the Fresh Market menu. It was all so delicious– you can catch up on that review AND video on the linked blog post. Again we were invited to try yet another menu that just came out called the ‘French Toasted Donuts’ menu and y’all– they had me at donuts! I love donuts, I think it’s safe to say we all do?

3 New breakfast IHOP items

strawberry donut ihop

If you like strawberries then the ‘Strawberry and Cream’ might just have your name on it. It’s a bavarian cream-filled donut, dipped in vanilla batter, French Toasted, then topped with glazed strawberries and powdered sugar. The donut had the eclair-esque look, but instead of the chocolate topping it had a strawberry topping. The strawberries alone were tasty, the dough was thicker and since I love french toast the way it was cooked made it that much better.

best apple fritter

The ‘Apple Fritter’ was one that had the boyfriend’s name on it as he likes anything apple. Dipped in vanilla batter, French Toasted, and topped with cinnamon apples, powdered sugar, and whipped topping. As he describes it– fluffy and full of apple bites, the fritter was crusted giving it the perfect amount of crunch. Now for me, I never had an apple fritter– or as I called it on the vlog CRITTERS. My first bite was sweet and warm and since I have nothing to compare it too, it was really good. Those warm cinnamon apples definitely were the life of the party.

bacon maple donuts

The best is always saved for last- ‘Bacon and Maple.’ I’ve only had maple once in my life during dinner and that’s because that was the only option I had so not sure how I was going to feel about this, but when bacon is involved there should be no qualms involved. Just like the ‘Apple Fritter’ this too is a donut dipped in vanilla batter, French Toasted, and topped with maple glaze and hickory smoked bacon. It was like my favorite donut, but mixed with a beyond-savory taste I couldn’t get enough. For all those with a sweet tooth this for sure had me ALMOST asking for a second round… if I wasn’t so full from their pancakes that I secretly stole from my daughter.

What’s so great about their new menu items is that it comes with a combo meal like my all time favorite, the ‘Ultimate Sausage and Bacon breakfast Combo.’ Which do you think you’ll be loving?

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