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Eating Up Every Moment at Breakfast

*This post has been sponsored by IHOP. We are already consumers of this chain and knew this would be a great partnership. All opinions are my own*

breakfast for the whole family

We all may know that when it comes to making breakfast no one in the family ever looks to me to save their tummies. I just don’t have the knack for it and plus, daddy is the pancake man so why would I want to take the reign? But even then, sometimes daddy needs a break from the early morning hassle– so why not take it to the pros? IHOP here we come!

IHOP is iconic– well at least for us. Not only are their pancakes always made fluffy, fresh and buttery, but their menu is always excitingly changing. I usually always go for one of their signature favorites; the breakfast sampler, while the boyfriend always goes for whats new on the menu as we sample off his plate and sometimes eat it all up.

New Seasonal Menu

Their latest seasonal menu is here and it’s called the Fresh Market menu. Imagine having your french toast or crepe toppled with sliced bananas, sweet strawberries, orange slices and blueberries, oh it’s a reality! Both myself and the boyfriend jumped the chance to order the french toast with fruits because nothing is better than fresh fruit first thing in the morning. For both dishes, the bread was soft and thick, the orange slices mixed with the strawberries definitely bought a springier taste in every bite. I love my blueberries so my dish was just as good.

Now that Ziana is older, no longer are the days of sharing food off of mommy and daddy’s plate. She quickly saw “chocolate” on the ‘Fresh Market’ menu and let us know this was going to be her breakfast. The Fundue dish was everything Ziana usually gets; pancakes and fruit, but with the addition of nutella that messy smile said it all– there was a new pancake leader in town.

There’s also a new drink on the menu! Strawberry lemonade– lemonade mixed in with fresh cut strawberries on top. This might be the new drink that’s going to take over my life every time we visit IHOP.

Video vlog and photos

Now without further ado enjoy our vlog from that day with even cuter moments than these photos below–
flat lay breakfast food

ihop fresh market menu


pankcake dipping in nutella

adorable baby boy can eat


adorable toddler loves nutella

summer menu at ihop

bacon lover

ihop pancakes

summer drink at ihop

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