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Wedding Day Photography

From my post two weeks ago, “Wedding Guest Woes,” you all know I was going to attend a wedding. That wedding was Friday and I had a blast!

The bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome, everyone dressed beautifully and the party was mucho fun! With food, music and liquor what could go wrong?

We decided to take Ziana with us for a couple of hours and had my aunt and uncle set to babysit at 8:30PM. Ziana must’ve been super excited for the wedding because she didn’t nap at all except in the car for a measly 20 minutes. Z clapped throughout the ceremony then soon became obnoxious because she didn’t know whether she wanted to crawl or walk everywhere, haha.

Besides that I was able to take some photos with Z and the rest of the party animals–

Time for some wedding day photos–
Thank goodness for the creation of spray tanning 🙂

The bride and groom dancing to their song…

My mom and dad dancing the night away, especially my mom who always acts like she’s in a dance competition lol

With some of the girls 🙂

Dancing with my momma

Sophia getting boogie


These were the only two good photos I got of them because everyone was in my way and when you ask someone else to take a photo with you and the bride you risk the chance of it not coming out well, which is actually what happened when my face was cut off in one of them! lol


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    Aug 8, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Beautiful photos

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