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This past weekend was fun-filled with Halloween on Saturday and as you guys saw from the last post we had tons of fun! The next day besides it being the NYC Marathon, it was the We All Grow Summit with Latina Bloggers Connect (LBC). Now, if you’re not in the blogsphere world you have no idea what I”m talking about. It’s a network that connects influencers, such as myself, with brands that match our passion, style and influence. In the blogging world we should all connect as one and help one another out, but it’s even greater when we can help our own kind.

For the first time ever LBC moved their summit from LA to NYC! It was to be a nice brunch filled with other Latina influencers and creators to learn how to continue growing their social media presence with a great panel and then workshop, which included group session with the panel.

The panel included:
Vive Mejor who are committed to delivering ingredients that not only provide good nutrition, but also offer meal solutions for Latinas who are looking to infuse their Hispanic culture into the meals.

Carols Daughter
who if you still don’t know started her own company of “good for you products” in her kitchen to give us all better skin and hair. Lisa Price, who is Carols Daughter, was truly inspirational for the fact that she had an idea and went all in with creating amazing products. I always love hearing an entrepreneurs story of how they came from nothing into something because it lights some fire under our butts to go for what we want.

a spot for a new generation of bold and savvy Latinas to connect and have their voices heard through video, photography, and culturally relevant conversations.

Vanidades, a Spanish-language magazine which has been around for 50 years! It was kind of cool to be sitting in the room with someone who represented the magazine since I grew up with their magazine lying around in my home thanks to my mommy.

Emmelie De La Cruz a social media strategist who knows just about everything about everything. Emmelie gave many tips to grow our business on social media, helpful websites to track our growth and a link to her book to read more in depth all the ins and outs and how to go about our lives on social media.

Pinterest, now surprisingly I was super excited to hear from Pinterest. They gave us insight on what exactly Pinterest is and how it works. Also the different ways you can make your Pins and boards more helpful to your community and how to adjust your content strategy and drive traffic. I was doing Pinterest wrong the whole time! Many of us were.  I learned so much and got obsessed that I spent two hours on fixing my Pinterest account that night.

I was never big on attending conferences or summits, but every time I do, I’m so thankful I did. The information you get from these kinds of summits are definitely something you don’t want to miss especially if you want to grow your brand. Luckily, if you missed the one in NY, the We All Grow Summit is having another fabulous summit in LA, which I sadly won’t be attending, but you definitely need to! Go get your tickets here!

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