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Universoul Circus Tips for Kids

*I am being gifted tickets to attend Universoul circus. However, all opinions are my own and I have not been further compensated*

universoul circus

The circus– filled with clowns who prey on our worst fears to torture– no this isn’t the story-line of “It,” the movie us 80’s babies grew up on and ironically all grew up to have a phobia against clowns. Eventually, many of us overcame the fear and started to accept that perhaps clowns aren’t that bad, as long as they’re in a circus setting. I love the circus, once I overcame the whole ‘clowns are evil’ thing it brings me back to a time I went as a child with my mother which brings a smile on my face. I was fortunate enough to go, but not many kids got to experience the same thing as a child.

If you remember last year I took my “boytoy” to the circus for the first time [check out the video here] and he couldn’t be happier. It was as if I had taken the 8-year-old boy who always wanted to go. It was fun to see the crazy clowns prancing around, elephants doing the most, BMX riders doing all these hoops on their bikes, dancing dogs and the human cannonball! Ziana even enjoyed it and wasn’t scared at all– maybe because she hadn’t seen “IT.”

However, for those parents who have children who are terrified of the “cute” and “funny” clowns there’s ways to prepare them for the grand event!

– Make sure to watch films, shows, Youtube skits and/or pictures of clowns downplaying how creepy they look, “It’s makeup! Mommy wears makeup, the clowns just like to be silly and wear tons of make up because they don’t know how to put makeup on.”
– The pre-show is a great idea to go to– showing them the “behind the scenes” of how clowns get dressed is a good way to overcome their fears as well. I remember overcome my fear for horror films by finally connecting that behind the scenes was a film crew.
– Make a game while at the circus, how many female clowns do you see? How many animals? This can keep them distracted of their fears

I think regardless of the age it’s always a fun experience and I can’t wait to go again especially with the new family member, Gunner Patrick. Although he’ll only be two-months he’ll enjoy surrounding himself with all the new noises as he coos away in his sleep. If he decides that all that extra stimulation is too much for him I’ll simply take him outside of the arena to calm him down. Also I’ll be making sure that I have my boob milk on full and bottles just in case he decides to do the whole freaking out part.

This year we’re taking this family tradition to Universoul Circus. I’m excited since this is the first time I’ll be attending this circus and don’t know what to expect. Make sure to grab your tickets– they’ll be traveling to Queens, Brooklyn, Maryland, Ohio, Missouri, Los Angeles and New Jersey. Two years in a row going to the circus? Think it’s safe to start calling it an annual family tradition. Will you be joining in the fun?

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