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Making Their Birthday Special

happy birthday

Birthdays are special for those who actually consider it to be special. For me, I’m not one to get all excited because my birthdays coming. I don’t care for presents nor do I care much to celebrate. Maybe it’s because I’m growing up? Who knows. Regardless, my boyfriend is like a little kid with his birthday. He absolutely loves it and counted down the days. Now for me I love all the cute and corny crap so I did some searching on Pinterest. I found such great ideas I thought I’d share them with you. It’s not always about how much you spend, but the thought that goes into it. Besides all the little things I’d do I felt I had to kick up a notch…

1.Therefore, I had to see what I could do to make the day he was brought into this world special. We’ve been together for four years and having known he’s never been to the circus I just knew this was something I wanted to do for him. Without a doubt I was going to take him to the circus one day so I figured why not now? And of course, it was going to be Ringling Brothers. When I was looking up the dates of when Ringling Brothers would be in town– there was nothing around his birthday. Well, nothing says surprise like a month early gift huh?

If you want to see how I pulled off the surprise on getting him to the circus watch the part in the vlog where it all went down. I promise it’s hilarious! –Circus Surprise

ringling brothers


2. I seen this heart explosion on Pinterest years ago and loved it! I cut up some hearts on construction paper and all had different sayings on them– all the sayinsg were something funny, touching and sentimental to us both.

special birthday present
“Thank you for making me part of your Top 8” was a Myspace reference since that’s where we first met.

“I wanna cowabunga with you forever” is a Ninja Turtles reference since he obsessed with them.

special birthday messages
“I’m glad you were the strongest sperm” heck yeah I am! :p

baby helper

Now time to have the hearts explode in the car! Put some tape on the back of the hearts and put them everywhere!
spoil your sweetie

3. Remember back in the day how we would give “coupons” and such to loved ones on their birthday? Well I thought I’d take it back to that time and do it!
notes for your boyfriend

The 15 minutes massage and taking care of all household chores sounded good when I was writing it–

balloon birthday
Then fold the paper up and put them inside the balloons!

popping balloons
TIME TO POP! He decided to sit on them in order to pop them lol

4. I thought it would be cute to make his favorite peanut butter jelly sandwich into a heart until he called it a “bleeding heart” lol. Not what I was going for! Also packed his favorite peanut butter reeses cups.
bleeding heart sandwich

5. As I looked around on Pinterest I saw pictures with people in a birthday hat. DING! DING! DING! I’ll make him a hat!
birthday hat

He looked more like a misbehaved kid wearing a dune lol

6. I also made him his favorite marble cake! First time ever making a cake and it got burned on the bottom and looked nothing like marble, but it’s the thought that counts right?
birthday boy

family photos

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