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Finding Dory Party

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions and decorations/layout are my own** When we found out Dory was coming out with her own movie as a sequel to Finding Nemo, we were super excited! Dory is my all time favorite, not just because Ellen Degenerous plays the part, but because I really relate to her; quirky, caring and loving. We saw the movie– it was amazing! And then Party City…

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Baby Shower

**Oriental Trading provided me with the products for review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for the products** Finally my baby shower has come and gone! After thinking of how to plan/decorate it, stressful weeks, and a snow storm that made me cancel the original day I can finally sit back, relax and enjoy the video and photos from that day. Having a boy I knew…

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Makeup and Outfit Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day!

Nope I’m not Irish, but I celebrate it because who doesn’t love to celebrate holidays? It’s fun and exciting and not to mention my child is half-Irish! With that in mind I decided I make a makeup and outfit video to help you guys get more in tuned with your “Irish” side. You can check out some of the photos or even better a video with a step-by-step instruction on…

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Happy Halloween Family Costume Pirates

It’s now been three years and Halloween is still my favorite holiday! I wasn’t one to do the Halloween thing, but since I met my boytoy who loves every holiday I’ve become slightly obsessed. Raising Ziana he’s making sure she’s into this holiday as well. Maybe you’ve watched our daily vlogs on YouTube where we’ve exposed– and terrifying her to all that Halloween has to offer. I think we did…

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Happy Saint Patricks Day!

I was hours away from not being able to put up the photos I did of Ziana today. You see my genius boyfriend decided to mess with the computer and ended up messing it up so now we’re waiting for some CD to arrive in order to reboot it. With no computer there’s no way I can edit them. Thankfully, I borrowed a friends computer and worked my magic there.…

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Halloween Costume Shopping

Halloween shopping is hard! Just came from Party City and didn’t find anything cute for myself or Baby Z. I wanted to dress her up as Supergirl, since my dad loves Superman, but all the infant costumes are pink. Superman is RED! Also, looking at the infant costumes a lot won’t cover her up much so I need one that will bundle her up good. We ended up getting one…

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