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Happy Halloween Family Costume Pirates

family of pirates

It’s now been three years and Halloween is still my favorite holiday! I wasn’t one to do the Halloween thing, but since I met my boytoy who loves every holiday I’ve become slightly obsessed. Raising Ziana he’s making sure she’s into this holiday as well. Maybe you’ve watched our daily vlogs on YouTube where we’ve exposed– and terrifying her to all that Halloween has to offer. I think we did good in exposing her of the day as in going to the Halloween shop weekly creeping up on Ziana with scary costumes, watching movies like “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” and Disney had great shows like Doc McStuffins letting the kids know it was all make-believe and costumes. So when it was time for Ziana to go trick-or-treating she wasn’t shocked– well too much!

Ziana ended up loving trick-or-treating as she ran from one house to the next, struggled from one staircase to the next and then loved the ending where she got to pick a candy or two to munch on, haha.

Now without further a due the amazing photos–

adorable baby
This is Ziana’s “arrrr” face..

family photos

baby pirate Ziana’s outfit was super adorable and affordable at Party City
as well.

pirate costume
I didn’t want to spend much on a Halloween costume so I dug through my closet and put this whole look together with the help of my Forever 21 pleather pants, H&M peasant top and Macy’s scarf. The only thing I purchased was the $20 corset from Party City

childrens halloween costumes


cute baby model
This picture was beyond cute and I’m so upset it came out blurry..

mans pirate costume
Boytoy’s accessories were purchased at Party City like his “skull bandana” and ‘sword’. As for his pants, boot covers and coat those came from past Halloween outfits that were also purchased than no other the great Party City.

pirates of the carribean

halloween costumes

halloween party
Yes, my sword is pointing to the cute little belly!

group halloween costumeGroup pictures never really turn out great lol

funny pictures
This mask my dad’s wearing has been in the family since I was 5 years old!

creative halloween costumes

pirate man

peter pan costume
Peter Pan and her shadow

family photos

female pirate
Getting into my pirate character to win the grand prize!

Pirate/batgirl!? I guess so!

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