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Welcoming Miss New Booty

During pregnancy a woman’s body changes, duh! Many woman love their pregnant bodies and many women hate the gain weight- like I did. I don’t want to say I had weight issues, but I very much disliked gaining weight in my stomach and face. It was new and it took awhile for me to feel comfortable in my new birthday suit. Throughout my life I was never a thick girl…

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Till Death Do Us Part?

I too once believed in that love at first sight the one let’s get married, start a family and own a home with a white picket fence dream, but not too much anymore. Decades ago a first date would lead to marriage within months, weeks and even days later. It was beautiful that two people were so confident in “love” that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives…

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Play Time with the Nikon 3100

I absolutely love taking pictures and the magic that goes behind taking a picture. The photographers I have worked with are amazing (check my credits tab)! It takes time to learn how to use a camera and perfect your pictures through light room, Photoshop or simply how to work with natural light. Since a young age I loved taking pictures and was always the annoying one in the family to…

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Nail Polish Heaven with Essie!

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a few shades of nail polish from Essie. These are the two I bought: And this is my Essie collection: I absolutely love nail polish and was wondering what the new fall and winter shades would be this year for 2012. According to Essie this is the fall 2012 collection: There’s also a rumor going around that Essie is coming out with tv sitcom…

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