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Reapers Revenge and Roba Family Farms

October comes around and although I’m not in love with the soon to be really cold weather I do enjoy some of the activities that happen during October– Halloween and pumpkin picking! As a kid I could care less about Halloween and definitely never went to a haunted attraction because I didn;t want to die of a heart-attack, until I went to Dorney Park and their Fright Fest night, where…

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Grease Halloween Costumes

  Halloween came and now is gone, love to get ready for it and hate to see it go. My absolute favorite holiday, from the scary decorations, to picking out a costume, to those corny Halloween movies. It’s something that I look forward to every year especially picking out our family themed costumes! I don’t know where this tradition came from, but one year I decided on it and it’s…

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Happy Halloween Family Costume Pirates

It’s now been three years and Halloween is still my favorite holiday! I wasn’t one to do the Halloween thing, but since I met my boytoy who loves every holiday I’ve become slightly obsessed. Raising Ziana he’s making sure she’s into this holiday as well. Maybe you’ve watched our daily vlogs on YouTube where we’ve exposed– and terrifying her to all that Halloween has to offer. I think we did…

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Disney Halloween Costume

Halloween! My favorite holiday is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. I must admit I might be more excited than all the kids in my family combined together. My family usually has an idea as to what we’re going to be for Halloween months in advance, but this year we couldn’t decide. Would we be a Frozen’ family like the rest of the world? Would we…

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Free Fun Family Halloween Events

My favorite holiday is fast approaching and I’m excited, but not fully. Halloween has become my favorite holiday within the past two years since my boyfriend came into my life. We decorate, go pumpkin picking, carve pumpkins, dress up, trick o’ treat and party, but this year the only thing changing is no fiesta for mommy and daddy since my parents selfishly decided to go on a cruise and won’t…

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Our Pumpkins

We finally carved our pumpkins this weekend! The pumpkins we got from Queens County Farm sucked! They were rotten and it was a lesson learned not to go there again. We all got our own pumpkins and this was my first time carving one all by myself. Before we started to cut our pumpkins I made some ice cream vodka frozen drinks. I got orange-creamsicile or mint chocolate chip ice…

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Halloween Costume Shopping

Halloween shopping is hard! Just came from Party City and didn’t find anything cute for myself or Baby Z. I wanted to dress her up as Supergirl, since my dad loves Superman, but all the infant costumes are pink. Superman is RED! Also, looking at the infant costumes a lot won’t cover her up much so I need one that will bundle her up good. We ended up getting one…

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