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Our Pumpkins


We finally carved our pumpkins this weekend! The pumpkins we got from Queens County Farm sucked! They were rotten and it was a lesson learned not to go there again.

We all got our own pumpkins and this was my first time carving one all by myself. Before we started to cut our pumpkins I made some ice cream vodka frozen drinks. I got orange-creamsicile or mint chocolate chip ice cream put it in a blender with some milk and vodka. The best one was the mint ice cream. So definitely try that!


After a few sips I got to cutting my pumpkin. I drew the face I wanted on a piece of paper and followed it all the way up until I got to the mouth. I had only two teeth that I wanted and I cut them out by mistake! My boyfriend went all out and did a scared pumpkin with ears and Ziana painted hers with her hands (assistance from me of course). We purchased candles from the 99 cent store and we were done. No fingers were cut in the process 🙂


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