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How to Halloween and Avoid COVID-19

Our favorite holiday, Halloween, is being put on a slight pause this year, with concerns about COVID-19 piled on top of the usual warnings about safety. And with Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, us parents may feel under pressure to make this year a Halloween to remember. I was originally going to cancel it, but that’s not fair to anyone! There are some simple things we can do to help…

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Our Traditional Halloween Family Costumes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… HALLOWEEN! It’s our thing, as you know. Every year we plan our family Halloween costumes a year– sometimes two years ahead of time, just because we have such fun ideas we want to do. Our Traditional Halloween Family Costumes… Our first year we weren’t exactly family themed, at least the boyfriend wasn’t. I was Mary and Ziana was my lost sheep. Second…

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Disney Halloween Costume

Halloween! My favorite holiday is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. I must admit I might be more excited than all the kids in my family combined together. My family usually has an idea as to what we’re going to be for Halloween months in advance, but this year we couldn’t decide. Would we be a Frozen’ family like the rest of the world? Would we…

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All Hallows’ Eve

… Or Happy Halloween as we all know it to be today. I had totally forgotten where this day derived from so I thought as a ‘treat’ I’d remind you all! History: The Irish and Scottish immigrants actually introduced parts of the tradition to Northern America in the 19th century. Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. The festival was a time to celebrate the…

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Trick and Treats 2012

Halloween! I’m still excited for the eventful day to arrive, even with “Sandy” coming. This past weekend were the Halloween parties for people who aren’t in the industry or can’t attend a party on the real day. We had bought our tickets a month ahead at $10 and that night the tickets went up to $210! Unbelievable, planning ahead is always smart. It was fun! As you see I was…

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Pumpkins and Parties

Halloween was never really a favorite of mine. I hated dressing up for some reason, but up until a couple years ago I started to kind enjoy it. This year I actually bought a costume and am going to wear every piece of it! One year I wore the Betty Boop costume and only wore the red dress, haha. One thing I love now that I never did as a…

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