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Pumpkins and Parties


Halloween was never really a favorite of mine. I hated dressing up for some reason, but up until a couple years ago I started to kind enjoy it. This year I actually bought a costume and am going to wear every piece of it! One year I wore the Betty Boop costume and only wore the red dress, haha.

One thing I love now that I never did as a kid was carve a pumpkin! I grew up with Peruvian parents they don’t do that kind of stuff. Last year me and my boyfriend bought a pumpkin and carved one. I tried and I cut a piece of the eye out- oops. This was our pumpkin last year:

So back to the costume situation. Apparently, when your in a relationship and Halloween comes around the two of you are suppose to match. Well, I didn’t know that! My boyfriend asked me what WE were dressing up as and I said “—” (it’s a secret till the Halloween party). He goes “and I’m suppose to be who!?” I said- (here’s a hint) “Shepard.” Yeah, I didn’t get such a great response from that, haha.

Remind you that I sent this knuckle-head the picture of the costume and he said “okay, so you need my credit card?” I reminded him of that and he said, “I thought that was your costume to go out with the baby.” Now tell me how is a short skirt with my boobs out appropriate to walk around with me daughter? Haha, men! Don’t get it wrong ladies, they do listen, but don’t process the information.

Anyways, while we are in that debacle. It set in stone that we are taking our fancy butts to Capitale. We purchased tickets on Friday for $10 and later that afternoon they went up to $15. Not sure where to go yet? Here’s a link to the TOP parties in NYC:

Top Halloween Parties in NYC

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