Trick and Treats 2012

Halloween! I’m still excited for the eventful day to arrive, even with “Sandy” coming. This past weekend were the Halloween parties for people who aren’t in the industry or can’t attend a party on the real day. We had bought our tickets a month ahead at $10 and that night the tickets went up to $210! Unbelievable, planning ahead is always smart.

It was fun! As you see I was Little Bo Peep and left my sheep at home. We pre-gamed at my cousin’s house and continued to drink the night away. Vodka was my buddy for the night. I couldn’t wait to dance until my legs gave out. I then was told that the DJ’s for the night were House DJ’s. How do I say this lightly? I don’t hate House music, but nor do I love it. I could tolerate about 10 minutes and then I want to Van Gogh my ears off. Was that harsh? Haha. Regardless, since I was liquored up the music was fine and I was jumping dancing around then my Bo Peep stick broke!

My cousin and her man looking like death and me trying to fix my stick!

Okay, let’s try fixing the stick again…

Anyways, a few hours in my cousins friend comes in who I have known for years now an I asked him if he was Ralph!? He was haha. The worst part was that he introduces me to the people he came with one being his girl and said, “Yeah I know you! You’re Kelly —!” My cousin Sophia asks,” How do you know her?” I was confused because we all met her years ago so that’s what I told her. After a few minutes I realized that Ralph’s girl was not Kelly, but a new girlfriend! Hopefully not too much damage was done, haha. That was my only drunken moment.

Ralph. He normally is bald so you understand my confusion with all the hair! Haha.

Other people had theirs moments too. Sophia who never gets in fights and I don’t think ever has all of sudden became gangsta and wanted to fight all the girl on the bathroom line. It was hilarious. I was feeling so happy I was laughing and telling her to stop.

A friend Roger was dressed up as Ted and boy did he get lucky. So many girls wanted to take pics with him he took advantage. Some girl even took off his head-piece and made out with him! The freaks do come out at night, haha. Good times with good friends.


My cousin Jenny and her man were “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” I still don’t know who they were haha.

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