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Restore Your Hair with these Curly Hair Tips

Dry hair stinks! Many of us deal with dry and brittle hair, it’s a common problem year round. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you were younger your hair was in its best health– just like our bodies use to be. And just like our bodies used, our hair health goes gone down the same rabbit-hole. It loses its shine and moisture. Our hair doesn’t lose its life solely…

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Easter Activities and Basket Stuffer Ideas

Easter Activities and Basket Stuffer Ideas Easter is coming! I’m a fan of Easter, although I’m not religious in that way, I still enjoy all the family fun that comes with it. Ziana enjoys getting dressed in a beautiful and big ridiculous Spring dress, while Gunner… well he’s Gunner he doesn’t care as long as there’s food! They wake up to nibbles on a carrot and a letter from the…

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Road Trip Apps That You’ll Need

We are a family that loves to travel. Whether it’s a plane ride away or a car ride away, we love it all! There’s nothing like picking up from your regular routine and getting away to a brand new space to escape. Here comes a road trip! While on the road, in the car it could get a bit boring especially when it’s more than 3 hours and with kids…

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FINALLY! It’s over. The long-hard days of training in the scorching sun, sometimes blistering cold and taking away from the family has come to an end. On my boyfriend’s 30th year of life his mission was to complete as many half marathons and half-mararthons; 10 road races, countless half-marathons and 2 track events. It’s been rough on everyone. With each accomplished race it was a overwhelming feeling of new life.…

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90s Fest Throws it Back to NYC

Alright, I promise after this last mention of being a totally-obsessed fangirl of the 90’s I’ll stop chatting about it– here, but I won’t promise talking about it on Snapchat or Youtube. As you know two weeks ago I was giving away tickets to see a 90s Fest, which was just a dream come true. I obviously attended and couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the summer.…

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5 Month Baby Update

It’s been a great 5-months thus far with this baby, Gunner Patrick! All his baby updates from what he eats, crawling, sharing a room with his 4-year-old sister and more are all on today’s video post. Even an interview with his sister and what she thinks about having a baby brother Check it out–…

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