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Restore Your Hair with these Curly Hair Tips

Restore your hair

Dry hair stinks! Many of us deal with dry and brittle hair, it’s a common problem year round. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you were younger your hair was in its best health– just like our bodies use to be. And just like our bodies used, our hair health goes gone down the same rabbit-hole. It loses its shine and moisture.

Our hair doesn’t lose its life solely because of age, but if you’ve colored your hair and used hot tools, you’ve just sped up the process. Let me spit some knowledge– you see, our hair has a protective layer called the cuticle. Cuticle’s keep the moisture in so after years of sun, coloring, straightening and well, aging, they slowly peel away and lose its luster for life.

Growing up sure I was told to not color my hair because of damage, but no one ever tells you why and even if they did, we’re kids do we really care? I still color my hair! BUT there’s ways to care for your hair….

Tip 1 to Restore Your Hair

Pantene is stating you can rescue your damaged hair with intensive repair thanks to their new Pantene Intense Rescue Shots. They urge you to continue going about your hot tools and coloring life because these Intense Rescue Shots will rescue your locks from any damage! Count me in!

After washing your hair add one of the Intense Rescue Shots
Step 2: Apply onto damp hair and massage from root-to-tip targeting areas that see the most damage and I suggest then,
Step 3: Leave in for 30 seconds

Step 4: Rinse for 30 seconds and don’t over rinse

That right there is a HUGE tip– you want to do weekly treatments to your hair. Not just that, but get ready for another huge tip. A tip so huge it might shock you and I only say that because when I say it to many people they had no idea.

Tip 3

You want to limit shampooing your hair. No more daily shampoo washes! Well, that tip is mostly for my curly-haired sisters, if you have straight hair you probably deal with greasy hair and that’s a no-no. Shampooing too frequently can dry out your hair and cause it to look frizzier. So I stick to my bi-weekly routine.

Tip 4

Don’t use a towel!!! Towels are great to get you dry– sometimes too dry. So imagine how hair feels after it’s felt those fibers rub against those luscious locks. YUCK! Instead use a t-shirt or micro-fiber towel.

Tip 5
I don’t remember the last time I brushed my hair with a comb. Regular brushing can cause split ends and frizz. Instead use your fingers while in the shower or a wide-tooth comb. OH, and comb from the roots up. Nothing’s worse than piling up all those knots to the bottom then yanking your way through them.

Tip 6

Use the “Pineapple Trick.” That’s when you gather all your hair to a high knot on the top of your head loosely. It’ll maintain the volume when you take it down.

Tip 7
I do the “Pineapple Trick” every night and top it off with a satin bonnet cap which reduces friction. I look very sexy at night FYI!

Let me know some of your tips and tricks in the comments below!

“This post was sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

How to treat your curly hair
Treat damaged hair with these tips-

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