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Road Trip Apps That You’ll Need

Road trip apps that will you'll love on the road!

We are a family that loves to travel. Whether it’s a plane ride away or a car ride away, we love it all! There’s nothing like picking up from your regular routine and getting away to a brand new space to escape. Here comes a road trip!

While on the road, in the car it could get a bit boring especially when it’s more than 3 hours and with kids in the back seat who get antsy. I found three top apps I think you guys will love me for and will definitely find handy.

Top 3 Apps for Road Trips

  1. The first one I found is called Roadtrippers. There’s the online website and app that helps you discover places to see as your travel from route A to B. So, for example as I travel from NYC to Connecticut, it’ll give me suggestions of things I may want to see as I drive to Connecticut. Maybe there’s an attraction like a museum, waterfall, sculpture, garden, trails etc. they give it to you all! There’s also places to view where you can sleep and eat. It also includes fuel coast estimation.
  2. Now, with such a long ride there’s plenty of potty breaks going on between me and the kids. And how many of you have seen those not so clean bathrooms placed in the middle of a dungeon? Yeah, not pretty. Well, this app called, Charmin Sit & Squat, helps you figure out where sit your lovely tush or where you should squat. It puts clean public toilets on the map. Literally. Clean locations have a green “Sit” rating. Less desirable ones have a red “Squat.” Download the app here!
  3. If you’ve gone hiking or want to go hiking from where you are this one is for you! All Trails helps you find all types of trails from easy to moderate to hard. You can also filter the length you’re looking for and the elevation.

This has and will continue to come in handy as we are set for more road trips and another annual family camping trip. Every year we’ve gone to different locations, last year we hit up Lake George as you can watch on our Youtube channel and it was nice. It wasn’t the great until we reached the pier, but we figured we’d try a new space out to find the perfect one for us all.

This year we are hitting up North-South Lake Campgrounds in the Catskills! I actually found this one all on my own and I’m excited, but the pressure is on because if this place sucks then I’m the one to blame. But with the lake, beach, waterfall, hiking trails, BBQ food and charades, what can go wrong?

Have you ever gone camping??

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    Regina Gonzalez
    Apr 9, 2019 at 9:50 am

    Girl these apps are going to come in hand for my trip in the next few weeks. Thanks for the info. We are also planning a camping trip this year as well. -xo Gina

    • Reply
      Apr 9, 2019 at 9:51 pm

      yay! Camping is soooo fun!!!!

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