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nyc marathon 2016

FINALLY! It’s over. The long-hard days of training in the scorching sun, sometimes blistering cold and taking away from the family has come to an end. On my boyfriend’s 30th year of life his mission was to complete as many half marathons and half-mararthons; 10 road races, countless half-marathons and 2 track events. It’s been rough on everyone. With each accomplished race it was a overwhelming feeling of new life. We had an amazing time supporting my Boytoy during the Chicago Marathon and this NYC marathon was no different. I had a huge surprise for him, which was bringing his nephew whom he trained as a kid come and support him– he loved it and got emotional. I know how to hit the right chords! I had my parents, brothers and his kids come support holding signs, noise clappers and a huge cutout head purchased from Oriental Trading— which everyone loved! I missed seeing him in Chicago and I forbid myself from missing him this time around. The TCS NYC Marathon definitely came in handy as it tracked his every move– and guess what???? We didn’t miss him. From Queens to Manhattan I saw him both times and even stole a kiss from him. He ran the race in 3:39 with a bib number of 7118.

See all the excitement from that day on my Youtube channel 11/7/2016 3:00PM EST HERE.



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