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Easter Activities and Basket Stuffer Ideas

Easter Activities and Basket Stuffer Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter is coming! I’m a fan of Easter, although I’m not religious in that way, I still enjoy all the family fun that comes with it. Ziana enjoys getting dressed in a beautiful and big ridiculous Spring dress, while Gunner… well he’s Gunner he doesn’t care as long as there’s food!

They wake up to nibbles on a carrot and a letter from the Easter bunny who hid their baskets in the house somewhere. That’s the funnest part! We all go around the house hunting for our baskets opening drawers, closets and looking under things. Now, not that I’m unappreciative of the kindness from the bunny, but there’s usually a lot of candy involved. My kids are lucky if they even get more than 3 pieces of candy from the basket.

I decided to compile a list of Easter basket ideas and also ideas and what to hide for the egg hunt!

Pre-Easter Fun Activities:

  • Pre-Easter fun egg decorating kits are always fun to dye and these egg monsters are adorable! They come with stickers and fuzzy hair giving kids a little more joy
  • On Saturday April 13th from 10AM-1PM, participating Target stores will be having a Free Easter Toy Egg-stravaganza! At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to enter giveaways and participate in photo-ops and interactive toy stations featuring Hatchimals, LEGO & LOL Surprise!
Easter basket ideas and stuffers for toddelrs!
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Easter Basket Ideas:

  1. Books are always a hit with the kids. In keeping with the Easter theme try out; It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny, Fancy Nancy and The Missing Egg, or let them try out some MADLIBS
  2. Okay, so I know I’m anti-candy for the kids, BUT those Marshmellow Peeps are a hit. Not to my taste, but how about the family doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge where you have to stuff as many peeps in your mouth and see who can get the most! Watch ours from a year ago!
  3. Get in the kitchen and let the kids decorate a Bunny Hutch
  4. LEGO has fun Easter kits which parents may need to assist with; Kit 1, Kit 2
  5. I’m a huge fan of Crayola and just recently reviewed the Scribble Scrubble at my job so I highly recommend The Scribble Scrubble Vet set or The Scribble Scrubble Salon set. Yes, markers are involved, but they’re washable. Kids are able to doodle all over their pets, wash them and do it all over again!
  6. Pre-Easter fun egg decorating kits are always fun to dye and these egg monsters are adorable! They come with stickers and fuzzy hair giving kids a little more joy
  7. A deck of cards, these adorable themed Easter cards are perfect!
  8. LLAMA COLLECTIBLES! I’ve always loved llamas, they’re one of the animals in my Peruvian culture so when I seen these “Who’s Your Llama” surprise blind bags I knew they were a must!
  9. Alright, now I had to save the best for last– grow your own “Tickle Me Plant!” Your kids will have loads of fun painting and decorating the paintable egg shaped terrarium and planting the TickleMe Plant Seeds.You’ll have to actually watch the video on Amazon to see the magic of this plant!

For more fun ideas check out Happy Easter to You for more fun ideas!

Old Easter posts with Ziana here!

Picture of Ziana just a year old!

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